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Sell More Products & Gain Loyal Customers By Avoiding Common Branding Errors!

June 28, 2013

Creating a brand is more than just creating a website and a few social media accounts. Creating a brand is about creating a way of life for your business. There are many great articles about what to do to create the best brand image but there are also a few things businesses should try to avoid when creating a brand.

The three things to avoid when creating a brand are:

  1. Choosing a bad name
  2. Imposing outlandish services, products or terms
  3. Offending users

The first uh-oh of branding is choosing a bad name. There are many subcategories for choosing a bad name. One of those subcategories is choosing a name for your brand that is confusing to pronounce. If customers have a hard time pronouncing your company, they’re less likely to recommend your brand to friends. Customers opt for brands they can easily pronounce and spell when recommending products to their friends and family. No one wants to make a recommendation and feel embarrassed while doing it!

The second subcategory for choosing a bad name is deciding on a name that is impossible to remember. This usually happens with brands that have unusually long names. Many brands think they need to include descriptive words in their brand name like “solutions” or “partners” but all that does is make your brand name longer and harder to remember. The second branding mistake that’s easy to make is imposing outlandish services, products or terms. Have you ever been to a website that forces you to add your email address and name before being able to even enter the site and view their products? This is a huge branding mistake. Customers want to view your products and services before deciding if they want your brand to know their contact information. Put yourself in customers’ shoes before creating these outlandish terms. You may lose more customers than you gain!

The third mistake businesses make when creating their brand is offending users. It’s one thing to have a women’s section and men’s section on your website but don’t name products specifically for a certain gender or user. If you offer pastel products, don’t target only women and the same goes for products that are deep in color like blues and blacks being targeted specifically for men. This may seem like common knowledge but it’s easy to offend customers, so let customers make product decisions for themselves.

Branding is important to any company and brand consistency is what turns first time customers into repeat customers. Don’t forget these three common branding mishaps when creating your brand!

What are some branding mistakes you’ve seen? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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