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Five Steps Stand Between Your Company And Brand Loyal Customers!

April 29, 2013

Creating a brand is an important part and the first step in building any company and then making it successful! Branding incorporates every aspect of a company from the logo, slogan, colors and even the way the company does business.

As an owner and employee, remaining loyal to a brand is a necessity to allow that brand to succeed and grow in customer numbers and revenue. But, no company would be successful without it’s customers. Creating brand loyal customers is also an internal process that has as much to do with products as it does customer service.

There are five steps every company needs to follow in order to gain brand loyal customers. Those five steps are:



  1. Be Better Than Your Competition
  2. Be Relatable
  3. Be Credible
  4. Be Accessible
  5. When All Is Done, Repeat The Process

The first step is to be better than your competition. When it comes to competing companies, each company accelerates in their own way. Your company may have better shipping rates or offer a larger selection of colors when it comes to products. Your company doesn’t need to be better than your competition in every aspect; otherwise you would have no competition. The goal is to find what your company excels at and then focus on that specific feature. If your company offers better shipping rates for customers, focus on that. Create advertisements and marketing campaigns around your cost effective shipping rates!

The second step is to be relatable. It’s easy for companies who are passionate about their products to focus on the benefits in a scientific way that only individuals in the industry can relate to. Instead, use language that customers often do. Word your company website and product names so that customers can easily find products that benefit them and fit their needs! Also, using pictures and videos is a great way to help customers and showcase the benefits of your products in a way that is easy to understand!

The third step is to be credible. Credibility is something that’s built over time. It’s hard for any company to create a product and be credible overnight. This comes from telling customers the truth! Only list benefits of your products that are real. Don’t promise something to customers that your product can’t follow up on. Customer testimonials are a powerful form of marketing, whether they’re good or bad testimonials!

The fourth step is to be accessible. Always make sure that employees are knowledgeable of the products. Also, be sure that your website always works correctly and is up to date. It’s disheartening when customers visit a store or website only to find out that it’s not at all what they were expecting! If you have a customer service line, be sure that someone is always there to answer calls. Sitting on the phone and pressing buttons to answer yes or no questions is frustrating and time consuming! You’re customers are busy people, that’s why they are calling the professionals!

The final step is; when all is done, repeat the process. Once your company finds a process that works, repeat that process. Every phone call is just as important as the last and every order large or small is pertinent to the survival of your company.

Creating brand loyal customers is about being an honest company with values that are more about the customer than the company itself.

Have you ever worked with a company that used these steps? Are you a loyal brand customer? What brands are you loyal to? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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