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Fun Fall/Winter Craft Ideas for Kids with Labels

November 07, 2014
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It’s November and the weather is changing, holidays are on the way, and soon enough, many regions of the nation will be experiencing snow. With the changing season children will not be going outdoors as much as they do during the warmer months. Finding things to keep children occupied is something that parents are constantly thinking about.

In this post we will go over some different fall and winter themed crafts for kids. These can be done with leftover labels that you may have around the house or office. Or you can order labels just for these crafts at a really fair cost.

Sticker Mosaic

This task can be a great deal of fun and allows your children to express their creativity however they desire. For these sticker mosaics you need some blank sheets of white or colored paper, labels of all different sizes or sheet labels and a pair of scissors to trim your own patterns. Using labels for this fun project eliminates any need for messy glue, which will keep parents happy as well. If you purchase labels just for this project then you will want to obtain a few different colors. If you just go with white labels that is fine too, and the kids can color them in before or after they create the mosaic.

Once you have gathered the materials it is time to get started. The first thing to do is separate all of the different size labels that you have. If you are having your kids create their own shapes for the mosaic this is where they would start drawing out their shapes on the sheets of labels. Next the kids can start cutting out the shapes, once they are all cut out it is time to start creating their masterpieces.

For this sticker mosaic the kids can place the label shapes however they want on the paper. To make the right look it is important to put the labels on so they overlap each other slightly to get the mosaic look. They can fill the entire sheet of paper and can even color in some of the labels if they are all white. The kids can also draw or write on these labels to give their creations some extra personality. When finished you will have some new artwork created by your kids that can be hung on the fridge. The mess that will be made is minimal and very easy to just scoop up and throw in the garbage.

Leaf Faces

Here is another fun one for the children, and another opportunity for them to become creative with labels and leaves. For this project all that is needed is some nice big leaves from outside, some smaller labels of various sizes and a couple of larger rectangle labels, scissors, and markers/crayons.

The first step is to take some small labels and start creating the eyes and nose. Small circle or square labels may already be the perfect size for this. If not, then you can take the scissors and cut them down to the size and shape that is desired. This can also be done by cutting them out of larger labels. For the mouth it would also be the easiest to cut them from a larger label, and this way the mouth can be customized however your kids want them.

Once the eyes, nose, and mouths are all cut out from the labels it is time to color them, or draw whatever the kids like on them. This is where they can get as creative as they like so they can make their leave faces one of a kind. After coloring the labels it is time to get stick them on the leaves and then hang them. These leaf faces will look great anywhere around the home and will be a perfect addition to your fall décor.

Sticky Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys

Here is a twist on Thanksgiving hand turkeys that kids have been making for years, and this twist makes hand turkeys easy to apply anywhere. The best way to go when doing this project is by getting some full size 8.5 x 11 removable sheet labels. This way they can be applied anywhere and they will come off when the fall décor comes down.

This project is an easy one and to get started your kids just need to take the label sheet and trace their hands for the turkey outline. Once that is done, it is time for them to get creative by decorating and drawing on their hand turkey. When they are all decorated it is time to cut the turkey out with scissors and then stick it to the spot you want to display it for the fall season.

Label Snowflakes

Label snowflakes are a take on a traditional winter craft of making snowflakes to decorate for winter. For this project all that is needed are some larger sheets of label stock, scissors, and colored paper to mount the snowflakes on. These snowflakes will be easy to use since the labels have the adhesive on them and the colored paper makes a nice background.

When doing this project you should be able to get 2 snowflakes out of a label sheet that is 8.5 x 11. To get started you should first take the full sheet and cut it in half, each half will become its own snowflake.

Once you have the label sheet cut into two you should cut a little off the side to make it a perfect square, then it is time to start making your snowflakes. The first step is taking the sheet of paper and fold it diagonally so it is a triangle. Next, fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle. Then take the smaller triangle and fold that into thirds. Once you have it all folded up, it is time to get the scissors ready. Next, take the scissors and cut pieces out from the label. These cuts should be little cuts that run along the sides of the folded up label.

Once all of the cuts are made, it is time to unfold the label and reveal your snowflake. Now that the snowflake is all done, it is time to remove the back of the label so the adhesive is exposed and then stick the snowflake on the colored paper. You should be able to easily fit 2 of these snowflakes on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of colored paper.

Customized Christmas Ornaments

Another fun little project will make some nice Christmas decorations for your tree or to present as gifts to family members to place on their trees. For this one all you will need is an old cardboard box, some labels of any size, scissors, twine, a hole punch, and crayons/markers.

The first thing that you need to do is cut some various shapes out of the cardboard. These can be any shape that you want them to be, but remember, the labels will be going on these afterwards, so the best bet is cutting them to the shapes/sizes of the labels you have. The next step after cutting the shapes from cardboard is decorating your labels. Crayons and markers are the best way to go about this, and they can be adorned with whatever the little ones want.

Once the labels are all decorated it is time to start peeling them off and sticking them to the cardboard shapes. You may have to trim the labels depending on the sizes, but this can also be done after they are stuck to the cardboard. The final step is taking the hole punch and adding a little hole to the top of the ornament so you can attach the string to be able to hang the ornaments. Now you will have some awesome new ornaments to hang on your tree for the holidays!

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