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Help Your Company Succeed By Following These Rules Of Great Customer Service!

April 15, 2013

Good customer service can either make or break a company. Even if a customer only speaks with one person from a company, that person is the reflection of the entire company to that customer.

Ensuring that every customer has a positive experience dealing with your company needs to be one of the key factors each and everyday! There are eight rules you and the employees working for your company can follow to be sure they are giving each customer great customer service. Those eight rules are:

  1. Answer your phone
  2. Don’t make promises unless you will keep them
  3. Listen to your customers
  4. Deal with complaints and find a resolution
  5. Be helpful (even if there’s not immediate profit)
  6. Train your staff
  7. Take the extra step
  8. Throw in something extra

The first rule for great customer service is to answer your phone. Nothing is more upsetting when you call a company to speak with someone and the phone just rings and rings with no answer! Your customers don’t want to waste their valuable time calling over and over again just to ask a simple question. What may have been an eventual sale might have just turned into your competition’s benefit.

The second rule is, don’t make promises unless you will keep them. Never tell a customer something they want to hear if it isn’t true. If you tell a customer that their product is going to be delivered a certain day, be sure that it is. Always think about what you’re saying to a customer before you promise them the world.

The third rule of customer service is to listen to your customer. Whether your customer is thanking you for your service or making a suggestion, they are taking the time to help your company. Have you ever called a company and told them the issue with a product or a question you’ve had just to find out that they weren’t really listening? It’s the most frustrating feeling for a customer and it won’t help business.

The fourth rule is to deal with complaints. It’s true that you can’t please everyone. It’s even more true that mistakes happen. When your company makes a mistake, take the time to deal with the complaint the customer is making. If it’s possible, make it right. Often turning what seemed like a bad situation into a good one may result in positive feedback for your company.

The fifth rule is to be helpful (even if there’s not immediate profit). If you work in retail, chances are customers often come in, try on clothes and leave without purchasing. Even if a customer doesn’t purchase that day, being helpful with sizes and being attentive is going to bring that customer back. When they’re ready to spend some money, they’re going to spend it with you.

The sixth rule is to train your staff. Cross-training employees is extremely important. Continuously asking a customer to hold on the phone or in your store takes time and money away from your business and that customer. Always give each employee the chance to succeed by providing all the information or even training classes they may need. Helping employees, helps the company.

The seventh rule is to take the extra step. If someone walks into your store and asks for your help, don’t just point in a direction and walk away. Guide the customer to the product they are looking for and wait to see if they have any further questions. If your company is web-based, when a customer calls and needs help navigating the website, give step-by-step directions or even offer to place the order for that customer.

The eighth rule is to throw in something extra. This doesn’t mean give away free products to each customer. It simply means to give a customer added information about a product they’re interested in or provide a coupon to that customer that they may not know about. Being helpful and surprising a customer keeps them coming back.

It’s not hard to have great customer service. Customer service has a lot to do with being polite and caring about the customers that order, purchase or just browse through your company.

Have you ever spoken to someone in customer service that displayed these rules and made purchasing a product easy and enjoyable? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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