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Could New FDA Warning Labels Really Cost The Tobacco Companies Millions?

September 25, 2012

In recent years the United States government has been able to ban tobacco companies from advertising in magazines, on billboards and even in television commercials, but has the government gone too far?

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been attempting to win court hearings regarding a new warning label that would be placed on tobacco products by the tobacco companies themselves.

These new warning labels go far beyond any text about the dangers of smoking and what can happen to smokers over years of using these products. These new warning labels would instead be one of nine graphic images showing in detail the effects of tobacco on users.

We’ve seen the vivid commercials from the FDA showing a smoker’s lung compared to a healthy lung and even people who are suffering far worse from years of tobacco use, but would this be too much?

Tobacco companies are appealing the FDA’s decision saying this new warning label, which would cover the entire front, and back of the tobacco product is against the first amendment.

This new warning label would force companies to publish images hurting their own business. These companies have already been told they must publish at least one warning label on their products where consumers can see them.

As recently as March of this year, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati ruled that this new law was constitutional. In a more recent hearing at an appeals court in Washington the court ruled in favor of the tobacco companies, saying that the law was unconstitutional. This contradiction in decision could mean that the case will end up before the Supreme Court.

This new warning label could cost tobacco companies millions of dollars. From changing their packaging methods, which they rely on for brand loyalty to losing customers due to the images that the FDA, has approved.

Could the FDA be overstepping their boundaries by attempting to make a business publish pictures on warning labels that could affect their livelihood or is this the job of the FDA to find new and creative ways to help the public at large?

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Piotrek on Oct 15, 2012 in 02:06pm
Tobacco is also addictive bsuacee it contains MAOI, an antidepressant.Pure nicotine is only mildly addictive.Personally, I feel that the tobacco companies are behind this. They don't want to lose revenue. How could anyone seriously believe e-cigs are potentially MORE HARMFUL than cigarettes? That's insane. Honestly, god bless whoever invented these. He will have saved millions of lives over the next few decades and improve their quality tremendously. BTW, if you don't smoke, don't start
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