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Father's Day Gifts Using Labels

June 04, 2015

Father’s Day is coming up soon and children are hard at work making gifts for dad. All kids love to draw pictures and make fun crafts just for their fathers on the special day every June.

In this post we are going over some fun gifts that kids can make for dad. Some of these need to be planned a bit in advance so the printing can be done and they arrive on time.

  • Car Bumper Sticker

Creating your own bumper sticker can be a very simple and easy process, but it does require a little early planning. In order to make the sticker so it will hold up to inclement weather you will need to send the artwork in to have printed.

The very first step is downloading a template for the size bumper sticker that you want to make. You can browse the various sizes of bumper stickers that we can print for you on our site. The template for the sticker size can be downloaded on the top right of the specific label size page.

For example, if you want to make a bumper sticker that is 8” x 2”, then you would download the template in your preferred format on the top right of this page:  8” x 2” bumper sticker.

Once you download the template you can have your kids get to work drawing it. The children can do whatever they like on the sticker, as long as they stay within the template lines.

Since these stickers will be printed on sheets you will get more than one per sheet. This allows them to create multiple stickers so dad can use one on his car, and the rest on other things such as an office filing cabinet, or their toolbox.

The kids can make each sticker on the sheet different by designing each template. Once they are all finished designing it you will need to scan the art to your computer.

Once you have the art template scanned you can place your order for printed labels on our site. When setting up the label on our site all you have to do is upload the template file that you scanned.

Be sure to choose a label material that is weatherproof when ordering, this way it will hold up no matter where they stick it.

  • Hand Drawn Printed Magnet

In order to do this project you will need a ruler and a pencil to create your own template for the size magnet that you want to create. This template is only needed if they will be hand drawing or designing the magnet.

You can look at the common magnet sizes on our site, and then you can use the ruler and mark out the magnet measurements as they show on the site. One of the most common sizes that is used for refrigerator magnets is 3” x 4”.

Now that you have the template properly measured out, it is time for your kids to create their artistic vision within the template lines just like you would do for the bumper sticker.

The next step is also similar to the first craft we discussed. After they have the art ready it is time to scan to a digital file, and then upload your art when you create your magnet on our website.

Creating photo magnets is also a popular gift, but in order to make them you just need to size your image to the size magnet that you want to create.

Our magnets are considered high energy magnets, which means they are stronger than a normal magnet. They are also very thin and flexible so they can be stuck in many places, even wrapped around something metal.

These magnets are also great for indoor and outdoor use since they will hold up in inclement weather and to the strong UV rays from the sun.

  • Easy Personalized Coffee Mug

Creating a personalized coffee mug is another simple but fun craft project that the kids can do for Father’s Day. This one is much easier since you can do it at home so you do not have to send it in to be printed.

For this project we recommend using one of our high temperature labels so the hot coffee in the cup does not make the adhesive come off. Our white uncoated all temperature label material is a great choice to use for this.

Once you choose the material and the size that you want you can order easily from our website. We have no minimum amounts for orders, so you can just order a couple of sheets and that way you can do more than one coffee mug. Or you can just save the leftover material for future projects or any other labeling tasks that you may have.

Once you have your materials in the size that you ordered all you have to do is get your kids to create their little masterpieces on the labels, and then stick them onto the mug that you have set aside for this project.

This is a great DIY way to make a nice personalized Father’s Day mug without having to have it printed. This way you save money and time while working on gifts for your dad’s special day. 

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