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Some Important Factors for Building Brand Loyalty

March 04, 2015

One thing that all brands yearn for is having customers that will stay with them for the long haul. There are many ways to achieve this, such as always providing the best quality possible, offering great prices, good customer service, and loyalty discounts. One of the best strategies to help build consumer loyalty is all of these things, in combination with providing knowledge to your customers.

Consumers like to be informed about the products they use. Part of keeping them informed is letting them know about upcoming changes to products they use, advancements to products, and even trends that are relevant to the brand or product. Sharing content that helps keep them current with the product and the niche, and also teaches them new things is a great way to help build trust and authority.

Informative & Helpful

Sharing content that is beneficial to consumers is the best way to provide them with something informative, or even teach them a better way to do something. Sharing this helpful type of content can be easily done via social media, email, in person, or even over the phone, and it is a nice way to help your customers in multiple ways.

For example, if you supply materials that are specifically used for a certain type of craft, you should be sharing tips and advice that cover the most simple and cost effective ways that the particular craft can be made. In a case like this, you are empowering the consumer to be able to get something done in a more efficient way than they may currently be doing it.

Do not be afraid to share a lot with your customers, but be sure to cater to all of your target audience and not just a small percentage of them. If you sell a product or service that can benefit people in multiple industries, you need to be sure that you share helpful information that they can all relate to. Not everyone will relate to everything you share, but that is fine, because the people that can relate will read it, and the others will scroll on. If you are sharing enough helpful content, there will be stuff that everyone can to relate to.


The other very important factor for building trust and brand loyalty is always being open and transparent with your customers. That means being honest with them all of the time, even when it may upset them. Consumers these days are smart and they will see through a brand that is projecting an image that is not 100% authentic.

Telling them all about the brand and what the brand stands for shows them that you care enough to bare it all. There are many brands that try to pretend they are something that they are not, and eventually it comes back to bite them.

You may have heard about companies that made claims that their products were eco-friendly, even though they really were not. Eventually they get discovered and consumers get to see that they  are not what they claim, and just used that to improve public perception and as a sales tactic. Brands that try shady tactics like that (which is called "greenwashing" in that case) eventually get caught and called out, especially these days with the internet. Always being eing honest and open is key, and it will help build a great brand-consumer relationship when there is complete transparency.

Another thing that many companies will try to do is hiding their negative reviews. This is another bad strategy that will destroy trust with consumers when they get called out on it. Bad reviews are a good thing for a brand that is open and transparent because it shows that the brand is human and makes mistakes. When consumers see brands that have only glowing, overly positive reviews it can immediately send a red flag. 

Displaying the bad reviews is another way to show consumers that you have nothing to hide. The important thing in this situation is to respond to the bad feedback in a positive manner. Be sure to thank the user for their honest feedback, because the negative feedback is a valuable asset to help constanlty find ways to improve upon the brand.

There are many other factors that go into brand loyalty, but these are a couple of the most important ones, and also some of the hardest ones for brands to do properly. 

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