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Encouraging Consumer Reactions with Packaging

May 06, 2015

Packaging serves many different purposes, and two of the most important are functionality and brand visibility. Creating packaging that helps you stand out when sitting next to competitors products can help a brand grow at a rapid pace.

Having a good designer that understands how different elements of your packaging can affect consumers will give you a nice advantage in creating the most effective package designs.

The Wow Factor

When coming up with your packaging design, it is important to think about what will make your packaging something that cannot be missed by consumers. The colors and text are just as important as the overall design, and they can help give consumers that extra push that is needed to stand out.

Coming up with a design that will create that “Wow” factor is not easy, if it was everyone would be doing it. A good designer understands the types of things that will make people want to learn more about a product just based on the packaging.

Bright and vibrant colors will always draw the eyes to them, so using them in packaging design is one of first steps in creating that wow factor. That wow factor is the reaction that all designers and brands should always be striving for.

Consumers will always buy products that are appealing to their eyes initially, and then if the product does what it is supposed to, trust starts to be built based on that foundation.

Making Their Decision Easy

Statistically, more than 70% of purchase decisions are made while browsing a stores shelves. That is a very large percentage, and much of that is due to good product packaging since it can make a product stand out.

The text on your product packaging is also one of the elements that can sway a consumer’s decision to buy your product over one they had previously been using. This makes it important to state some of the advantages of your product where it will be noticed.

Knowing the things that will draw people to your product based on your packaging can go a long way in increased business. When packaging is sure to turn heads, it will make the consumers decision much easier to buy your product since it stands out.

A good way to brainstorm ideas for your packaging design is to think about what draws you to new products when you are at the store. Is it something specific that will bring you in for a better look at the product? Once you are initially drawn to a product based on the packaging, what is it that converts you? 

Thinking of your own shopping behaviors, as well as collecting input from friends, co workers, and family members can give you a lot of insight into the average consumers shopping habits. This information can prove to be extremely valuable to a brand. 

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