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Elements of a Good Craft Beer Label

March 30, 2015

Craft beer has grown in popularity in recent years, more and more people are experimenting with brewing their own beer at home. Some of the most well-known craft beers on the market were started as hobbies in someone’s garage or basement.

If you brew your own beer and want to start selling it locally at farmers markets or to local acquaintances, you will want to have a nice, personalized label so everyone knows a little more about the beer, and also so it is memorable. This is especially important if you want to sell it and have success doing so.


The very first thing that you need to do is come up with a good, catchy name for your beer. The name is one of the most important factors because people need to know what to call it, and need to know where to ask for it if it is in local and regional stores.

When brainstorming names it is important to try and think of something that will be easy for people to pronounce. If it is a hard to pronounce name it could hinder the sales performance, especially when it is a brand new craft beer on the market.

In addition to pronunciation, you should also think about how the name will look printed on the label. You want something that will flow and look nice on each and every label. It is also important to consider the font you use, as well as the color of the type. These things should all tie in with the other elements of the label such as the logo, colors, and anything else that you decide to include.


Another element that can be an important inclusion is a small about us section, which normally goes on the back label. This can be your story of how you started brewing, or why you made a certain type of brew, etc.

A good story can go a long way in how successful any brand can be. People love feel good stories, and stories of underdogs succeeding. If you have an interesting story you should be telling it, consumers love to know all about a brand. If they find it interesting while checking out a bottle on the shelves it could persuade them to buy it.

This can even be an about section, and you can explain how the brand started, how you got into brewing, or why you made a certain type of beer if it is unique.


The logo is another element that can help your brand get recognized. Having a logo that is unique and eye catching can draw consumers to the brand. You want your logo to be simple, but still something that will stand out enough so people that see it recognize it immediately.

If you do not have the design skills to create your own logo then you should hire someone to do it for you. Give them ideas on how you want it too look, and let them design a couple different versions based on what you told them.


Another element that can add personality to your beer label is some graphics that pop and make heads turn. This could be a character, or even some type of interesting design. This is just another way to stand out when sitting on shelves, especially when next to other beers that have also put a lot of time and effort into making their labels stand out. The logo is a graphic technically, but that will be on every brew you make. Having a character/graphic that will be unique to that specific brew will help make your label unique and memorable, which should be the end goal.

Colors and Design

The overall design and the color scheme of your labels will also be an important factor in getting your homebrew to stand out. The design should be clean, and as minimal as possible so it does not overload anyone when they see it. You can find inspiration by looking at the colors and designs of labels on some of your favorite micro brews. You will see that the majority of them are simple, easy to read, and have catchy color schemes. Being plain is better than being cluttered so people can see read it easily.

Different colors have different effects on people, so understanding some of the basic psychology of colors can be a huge asset while designing a logo. There are also many other guides available online to help you find the best color to represent your homebrew brand.

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