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Choose From Eight Weatherproof Label Materials At For Your Blank & Custom Printed Labeling Needs!

December 09, 2013

It’s winter and that means sleet and a whole lot of snow! Do you need labels that can standup to wet weather and cold temperatures? If so, has plenty of weatherproof label materials for you to choose from!

At we offer eight weatherproof label materials for our customers! The eight label materials are:

Our White Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof label material is extremely durable, tear-resistant and is compatible with desktop laser printers, photocopiers and offset printing presses! These weatherproof labels can last up to two years outdoors depending on application.

The Removable White Polyester laser weatherproof label material has a white surface that’s perfect for printing; a matte finish and these labels are 2.5mil thick for extra durability! Apply these labels and remove with ease from most surfaces!

Our Crystal Clear Gloss Laser Weatherproof label material is specially designed to give a professional crystal clear gloss finish to most label applications. This label material can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit, to +290 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Frosty Clear Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof label material from is made of premium quality materials. This material is tear-resistant. These labels have a “frosty” matte finish and are extra durable!

Our Silver Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof label material is compatible with most laser printers and has a high-tack permanent adhesive. These labels are designed for many industrial applications such as HDPE drum labeling and even electronics labeling.

The High-Tack White Polyester Laser Weatherproof material from can only be purchased as custom printed labels. Customers can order these labels as custom printed labels on a sheet or as individual printed labels. These labels have a higher-tack adhesive than most of our other label materials and a white surface that displays bright colors and detailed text with ease!

The Crystal Clear Gloss Inkjet Weatherproof label material is also durable and tear-resistant. This label material from has a crystal clear gloss surface with a general-purpose permanent adhesive. This label material is compatible with desktop inkjet printers!

Our Vinyl Inkjet Weatherproof label material is a durable label stock made from a vinyl material. This label material has a matte finish, white vinyl surface and is top coated with a universal water fast inkjet coating!

The next time you need a durable, weatherproof label material, remember the eight weatherproof label materials available at!

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