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Durable Labels for Cold & Hot Environments

March 10, 2015

Labels are important in all different types of situations, especially when you have inventory to keep track of. Normal labels usually do not have an adhesive that can handle very cold or hot temperatures. In these situations, it is essential to use labels that are manufactured with an adhesive that will stay adhered to anything in these extreme temps.

SheetLabels.com has some different options when it comes to cold or hot temperatures. In this post we will go over a couple of the different options that we can provide to assist you with your labeling needs in these conditions. Most of our labels will hold up in pretty cold or hot temperatures that they would be exposed to, but the ones mentioned here are much more durable than most due to a stronger adhesive.

Laser Printers

The first type of material that we can provide for you in any standard or custom size is our White Polyester Laser Weatherproof labels. This is a weatherproof material so it will hold up well in almost any environment. This material is also tear resistant, which can be essential in many different types of industrial environments. They will adhere to many types of surfaces, even very rough surfaces that a normal label will not stick to. The minimum application temperature in order for these labels to adhere properly is +32 degrees F, and this material can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F, all the way up to +200 degrees F.

The next label material that will hold up very well in extreme temperatures is a clear label which is also tear resistant. These are the Crystal Clear Gloss Laser Weatherproof labels that we manufacture. The minimum application temperature for this durable clear label is +50 degrees F, so it is best to apply them indoors before they go into a freezer or a hot, stuffy warehouse. These labels will withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F, all the way up to +290 degrees F. They are also a weatherproof label material which makes them perfect for refrigerator/freezer storage.

The last laser label that we will discuss in this post is our premium brand Spectacle Laser labels. These labels are one of the highest quality materials that we offer, and they will give an amazing looking print every time. We would recommend these labels when you need to print on a label that you need to store in cold or hot environments.  The minimum application temperature for the Spectacle labels is +39 degrees F, and they will withstand temperatures ranging from -31 degrees F, up to +191 degrees F. With the permanent adhesive used on these labels you can be assured that they will stick very well to all kinds of surfaces.

Inkjet Printers

When it comes to desktop inkjet printers we have a couple of options that will get the job done. The first one is our Crystal Clear Gloss Inkjet material. This material is tear resistant and has a minimum application temperature of +23 degrees F. Labels manufactured from this material can withstand temperatures that range from -20 degrees F, all the way up to +212 degrees F.

Another option for inkjet printers is our premium Spectacle Inkjet label material, which is much like the Spectacle laser material except for the type of printer it is made for.  These labels are very durable, but they are also great for getting a very high quality print. The minimum application temperature is +39 degrees and they will hold up in temps that range from -31 degrees F, up to +191 degrees F. Since the adhesive used is considered a permanent adhesive they will stick to all different types of surfaces, which makes them a great choice for industrial applications when a high quality print is required.

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