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Durable Labeling Options for Food Products

June 09, 2015

We manufacture labels for anything and everything that you could ever need them for. Labels are important in all different situations and in many cases that are an absolute necessity.

There are times when an extra durable label will be required, especially when labeling needs to be done on products or packaging that will be exposed to extreme high/low temperatures. When it comes to extreme temps a normal label will not stay adhered properly, which can cause a whole new set of problems. 

When it comes to food products the label has important information that needs to be seen, especially if there is an expiration date or other pertinent information that needs to be known. Food labels should always be manufactured on the most durable, high quality labels possible.


When labeling food and beverages it is important to have a label that will hold up in conditions that a normal label will not. Since many foods and beverages will be exposed to moisture you need to make sure that you use weatherproof labels on them so they will not come off easily. You also want to use a label that will hold up when other foods and liquids may spill or drip on the label (ie. honey, vanilla extract, ketchup).

At SheetLabels.com we carry a good selection of weatherproof labels that will stay adhered to your product surface even if they get wet, and possibly even submerged in water.

Below are the different weather proof labels that we can provide you with.

This white matter polyester label is one of the most popular materials that we currently manufacture, and they work really well for labeling food products that you know will be exposed to moisture. It is an extremely durable option which works for some of the toughest applications that you will find. With the matte finish you will always get a vibrant, clear print each and every time, with your laser printer. You can also print with this material on a photocopier or an offset press and see the same high quality results. Since these labels are weatherproof, tear resistant, and tough enough to hold up in a broad range of temps they are perfect for the toughest labeling tasks.

This is another durable label that is similar to the white matte poly weatherproof material above, the only difference is that this has a gloss finish. If you are looking to label food products and give them a very high quality appearance then these gloss labels would be perfect since they will produce a very high quality print while still holding up to moisture and extreme temperatures.

Extreme Temps

Our white all temperature latex material is a popular option for labels that will be used in extreme low or high temps. This material is also moisture resistant and is one of our uncoated label materials. Since it is for all temps you can use it to label things that will be in a refrigerator or freezer, it will stay adhered with temps that are as low as -60 degrees F. This material will also hold up in the heat and it will stay adhered with temps up to approximately 210 degrees F.

This is a latex material that is made with synthetic polymer latex impregnated paper, so it will not cause any issues with allergies like a traditional latex would.

The SheetLabels.com white uncoated all temperature material is another one of the more popular options that we manufacture which will hold up in extreme cold and heat. Labels that are made using this material will hold up with temperatures from -65 degrees F and all the way up to 200 degrees F. Since it will stay adhered in those extreme highs and lows it is an excellent choice for labeling products that will be exposed to a broad range of temperatures.

Printed Roll Labels
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