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Durability And Style Makes The Polyester Family A Customer Favorite!

October 11, 2012

Label materials can be broken down into many different categories. Each category is like a family made up of individual materials. The polyester label family is made up of six individual materials that are all unique in their own way.

The polyester family is made up of some of the most unique and interesting label materials. The family offers a hint of color with the Silver Matte Polyester material. It offers an extremely sticky printed label material with the High-Tack Polytester label material and even a removable option with the Removable White Polyester label material.

Though each polyester family member has their own unique characteristics, they also have many in common. From their weatherproof, tear-resistant qualities to the type of printer they have been made specifically for the polyester labels are rough and tough but display your printed text or images with great clarity.

Get to know each material individually so the next time you need a gloss material you can choose without hesitation the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester material or when you need a durable white label you’ll know all about the White Matte Polyester material.

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