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Determining What Label Material is Best for Your Needs

November 04, 2014
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When working on a project that you want to label, it is sometimes difficult to figure out exactly what type of label would be the best fit for your project. In this post we will go over some of the labels that are being sold all of the time for specific projects. Packaging and labeling your own products has become child's play in recent years compared to how much of an expense it was even 15 years ago. Print technology is always evolving which means that the quality you can get by ordering blank labels and printing them at home just keeps improving.

Bottles with Moisture

Are you brewing your own beer or making your own wine? You are proud of what you created, and naturally you want to share with friends and family. Producing your own label for your brews is an awesome way to express your pride. When it is time to design your bottle labels you need to keep in mind that these bottles will create condensation, so choosing good weatherproof labels is the best option.

When designing your own labels you will have the opportunity to show your personality on each and every bottle. With the holidays coming you can also create personalized bottle labels for everyone that you plan on giving your creations as gifts.

Food Products

For packaging homemade food products the size of the label can vary greatly with the size of the product. The label material that you choose for your food labels can also vary. In most cases there are many different types of label materials that would work, it really all depends on the appearance that you are looking for.

If you require a gloss look for your label, then you would want to use something like a white gloss label but if you want something that genuinely stands out you could consider a metallic gold label. Personalized food products also make awesome holiday gifts, and the time and effort put into creating them will mean a lot to the recipient.

Outdoor Shelving

If you are looking to label something that is exposed to the elements you will need a durable weatherproof label so it will stay stuck where you need it. The white poly weatherproof label material is tear resistant and will hold up outdoors for up to 2 years. This label material can hold up in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit, to +200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Name Tags

A common use for labels at events and conferences is as name tags. There are also many different materials that would work well for name tags, but one of the best due to cost and the ease of writing on is our premium white uncoated label material.

Nametag labels do not always have to be the same generic rectangle name label you see over and over again. Why not do something different and make name tags that really stand out. Some label options that would make your name tag labels pop are unique shapes such as an arched label, or a starburst label.


Vitamins and supplements can come in bottles of all sizes, so the label that is required will vary. A good option for label material is the white gloss inkjet or laser label stock. This material can be purchased in whatever size that your bottles require. Another material to consider that could really make your label stand out is one of the colored label stock materials such as pacific blue or pastel yellow.

Using label stock to help make your label and product packaging stand out is one of the best ways to help propel your vitamin/supplement brand towards success. It is not always easy to make a new brand stand out above the competition, but with the right strategy it can be done.

 Home Media

Labeling and organizing your home media has never been easier since it is simple to print your own labels right at home. Printing blank media labels at home has become very cost effective over the past 10 years and the quality of the labels is also top notch.  This is a great way to preserve memories for a long time to come!

Frozen Products/Home Canned Goods

White matte polyester laser weatherproof or white, gloss polyester laser weatherproof label stock are 2 of the best solutions for packaging frozen foods. If the labels are on packages that you plan on relabeling at some point in the future, you should consider removable white polyester laser weatherproof so the labels will come off easier when needed.

These labels will also work perfectly for your canned goods, but if you want to do something different with the canned food labels there is always the option of a frosty clear matte laser weatherproof label. The frosty clear material can give the label a more unique look and since it is weatherproof you can store your canned goods in whatever environment you choose without worrying about the labels getting ruined.

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