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Designing Your Own Labels? Check Out These Design Tips

March 30, 2017

The major benefit of designing your own product labels is the affordability factor. However, your labels shouldn’t necessarily look affordable to the consumer—they should look professionally designed and convey your important product information in the best possible way. The customer shouldn’t be able to tell that you were able to save money on your product labels by creating them in-house.

To ensure that your products get the attention they deserve, the information you convey on your product labels is just one of the many important factors that must be taken into consideration during the process of product label printing. Even more important than the information itself is the way in which the information is displayed for the public to see. If your product label isn’t aesthetically-pleasing or if the information is impossible to read, it doesn’t matter what your label says—because nobody will take the time to read it or look at it more closely. If you’re making the effort to design your own product labels, we recommend taking additional time to explore design techniques. The pay-off will be well worth it!

Colors, Fonts and Type Size

A great deal of consideration goes into the process of product label printing—including factors such as colors, fonts, and type size. Products should be eye-catching and easy to read, but they should also appeal to the correct audience. Check out this guide from 99designs to find a suitable color that will attract your target audience, whether you want to evoke feelings of happiness, wealth, or trustworthiness.

Next, you’ll want to take your font and type size into consideration. Depending on your industry, specific fonts or type sizes may be required of you. For example, FDA nutrition labels require text to be of a certain size, as explained in more detail here. However, new printing technologies allow you to print your product labels with techniques such as embossing or motion coat, which allow companies to display their creativity during the printing process.

Check Out Your Competition

If you’ll be designing your labels in-house, the team at Sheet-Labels.com, recommends checking out your competition to find out which strategies they’re already using, and what you can do to go above and beyond. Do your research on new labeling or product label printing trends and learn how to apply these trends to your own product labels. Remember, your product label should show off the best features of your product and should be able to encourage consumers to purchase your product over your competition’s.  

When checking out your competition’s labels, ask yourself the following questions:

·        How can my label look distinctive among my competitors?

·        How can my label clearly reflect my brand and product?

·        Will my target audience be drawn to my label, or will they still prefer the design of my competitor’s labels?

Hire a Professional Designer

Alternately, the creative team at Sheet-Labels.com can design your product labels if you don’t already have a graphic designer on-site. We offer product label printing solutions, graphic design services, and leading printing technologies and capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our many products and services. 

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