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Design A Company Logo That Customers Are Going To Love!

May 15, 2013

Creating a company logo isn’t something that happens overnight! There are plenty of factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing a company logo.

The most recognized logos used these steps in creating a logo that is universally known. The Golden arches from McDonalds and the Swoosh from Nike are symbols that can stand alone on a blank sheet of paper and customers still know which company they belong to.

There are seven things to think about when creating a new company logo and they are:

  1. Research Your Audience
  2. Immerse Yourself In The Brand
  3. Online Research
  4. Sketch It Out
  5. Seek Inspiration
  6. Choose Your Typeface
  7. The Name Can Be The Logo Design

Creating a logo is no joke. The logo is the one way a customer knows they’re purchasing your products from your website or retail store. The logo is the first way a customer relates to your company and your brand. Putting the time and effort into designing and creating the best logo for your company is definitely worth it!

The first thing to do when creating a logo is to research your audience. Research the age of the customers using your products and design your logo to be age appropriate for those customers. If your products are specifically designed for male or female use take that into consideration when creating your company logo.

The second thing to do when creating a new company logo is to immerse yourself in the brand. Think about what makes your company unique and what your previous logo if you had one, looked like. Research what was successful about the previous logo and then begin designing your new logo around what you found from your research.

The third thing to do when creating a company logo is online research. Research logo design companies or programs on the Internet that can be used to create logos. Be sure to read customer testimonials and checkout Google reviews of each website you’re clicking on. The logo of your company is a way to relate your company to customers and it needs to be right the first time!

The fourth thing to do when creating a new company logo is to sketch it out. If you’re not good at sketching, it’s a good idea to invest in someone who is. Sketching a logo draft allows for quick changes and color decisions to be made without using a paid program online. Sketching a draft of your company logo is going to take more than one draft. Be picky and precise when choosing which aspects of the logo you like and which you don’t. This logo is going to represent your company and it’s important that it does so correctly!

The fifth step to creating a new company logo is to seek inspiration. What products are you selling? Did you previously have a company logo? Is your business online, in a retail shop or both? Always be open to inspiration in your customers, products and even nature. You never know where you’ll get the idea for the perfect company logo, but when you find it, you’ll know!

The sixth step to creating a new company logo is to choose your typeface. If you’re designing children’s clothing you’re typeface can be fun with scribbled lines. But, if you are starting a legal practice, you’re logo needs to represent the type of work you’re in. The typeface needs to be clean, easy to read and serious. Choosing a typeface may seem difficult, but one way to decide is to have a universal typeface from emails, to your company logo and even your company website!

The seventh step in creating a new company logo is to know that the name can be the logo design. Many hotels and Internet companies use their company name as the company logo. This is a great way for customers to easily know which product they’re purchasing!

Creating a company logo is no easy task. It takes preparation and plenty of research to create or update a company logo that is going to be unique and memorable.

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