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FDA Rules & Regulations for Selling Handmade Goods

February 22, 2017

If you spend a great deal of time jarring and canning food products such as homemade jam, apple butter or jelly, you may be ready to take your jarred or canned goods business to the next level by selling them on Etsy or at farmer’s markets. However, FDA rules and regulations must be taken into consideration before you begin selling handmade goods, and there are some important things you need to know when creating your product’s customized labels. Below, we’ll discuss several important FDA rules and regulations for selling and labeling handmade goods online or at farmer’s markets.

What Customized Labels Must Include

Homemade or handmade products must meet FDA rules and regulations, but they must also meet state-specific Cottage Food Laws as well. Before you begin prepping your homemade items for selling to the public, get familiar with your state’s Cottage Food Laws to ensure that you’re able to sell homemade items publicly. Additionally, your state’s Cottage Food Laws will tell you where you’re allowed to sell your homemade items.

For example, the state of Minnesota allows homemade sellers to sell their products online, at farmer’s markets, at public events (such as fairs), and out of their homes. However, restaurants, roadside stands, and retail stores are all prohibited.

Next, you’ll need to get familiar with labeling requirements. All homemade food products must be labeled in accordance with the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, which requires the following:

·        A full list of ingredients used (by largest amount used to the smallest)

·        The quantity and weight of each ingredient

·        The name and address of the product manufacturer and packager

If you’re selling your products online, we recommended including a full list of ingredients and any potential allergens (such as dairy, eggs, nuts, or wheat) on your product’s e-commerce page. You should also be sure to include a disclaimer if your home or packaging facility processes any common allergens, or if shared equipment is used. Additionally, we recommended displaying a larger printed ingredient list and allergen information when selling products at fairs or farmer’s markets.

If you’re new to jarring and canning, we recommend that you attend a home canning class if you plan to can and sell homemade goods to the public. The National Center on Home Food Preservation is another great resource for beginner sellers.

Where to Find Jar & Canning Customized Labels

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