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Customer Spotlight: Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery

May 05, 2015

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery is located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Queensbury, NY. The brand was started by friends and neighbors that had a strong interest in winemaking and distillation.  They decided to start the distillery since they already owned the land and the building.

The distillery is on a beautiful piece of land, with an amazing view of the Adirondacks of Upstate NY. We had an opportunity to visit the distillery, and talk to Dave Bannon. Dave owns the property and is one of the main founders of the distillery. He is also one of the main people involved in the fast growth of the business throughout the region.

Getting a chance to talk with Dave for a while, we got to learn how complex the distillation process really is, which many people do not realize. Dave said it best himself: “It is like being a farmer, chemist, scientist, and artist. You also have to be a businessman and an event planner when opening to the public.

We also got to tour the facility during our visit, and we took some pictures to share which you can see further down.

The distillery opened its doors in December of 2014. There are 4 people responsible for distillation process, including Dave himself. Because it is such a complex process, they started learning the best process a couple of years before opening the facility. They started making the products available to the public during the summer of 2014. 

One of the nice things about Springbrook Hollow Farm is that they have their own 600 ft. deep well, which is a pure spring water that comes right from the Adirondacks. They use this water to create all of the distilled beverages that they offer. The distillery also uses 75% NY State grains, which are all non-GMO ingredients. They also grow their own fruits which are used in the products.

Even though Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery officially opened their doors this past December, the official grand opening celebration is on Saturday, May 23.

The distillery is beautiful inside and out. Standing in front of the building and looking out is an amazing view of the Adirondack Mountains. Then when you step inside the converted barn you are greeted with beautiful handcrafted hardwood. It took a lot of work to get the building to where it is now, but it was all done by hand with help from family and friends.

In these next photos you can have a look at the distillery on the outside as well as on the inside.




Standing at the gorgeous hardwood bar, you can see back and view the large, shiny stills where all of the products are crafted. To the right of the bar you can see the old pipes that used to bring the water into the building from the well. These pipes are not ordinary though, they are 100% natural wood pipes that were built many years ago.

These can all be seen in the following images.

Below are the original, all natural pipes that carried water into the barn many years ago.

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distilled Products

The current product offering from the distillery includes Sly Fox Gin, 2 Sisters Vodka, and Howl at the Moonshine. Dave says that they are about to release new products soon, including a Limoncello, Orangecello, 2 Flavored Vodkas, Maple Moonshine, Apple Moonshine, and a Coffee Moonshine. They are also planning on offering bourbon in barrels. 

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery are one of the distilleries that are part of the Adirondack Craft Beverage Initiative, the new regional initiative to promote tourism in Upstate NY. are the main label provider for the initiative as well.

Here is a full bottle of Sly Fox Gin with a roll label that we manufactured just for the distillery. Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery has been a customer of since last summer and we love working with them.

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery products can now be found at regional wine and spirits stores throughout the Upstate NY region. They are growing quickly though, so if you do not live in the area be sure to ask your local store to start stocking these quality distilled beverages.

They can be found online in the following locations:

Official Website


To contact the distillery you can use one of the options below, or visit during open hours.

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery
133 Clements Rd
Queensbury, NY 12804
Ph: 518-338-3130
Tuesday - Friday: 1PM - 6 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 12 PM- 5PM

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