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Customer Spotlight: Jack is Cooking & Jacüterie

March 03, 2015

Jack Peele has always had a passion for cooking, as a kid growing up in London he wanted to be a baker. As he grew older he still had the passion for baking and cooking, but his life took a different path and he became a photographer in New York City.

Even though Jack started a career in photography, he still had the same passion for cooking and baking. He wanted to do more as a cook, so he started his website in 2007. On top of cooking and baking, Jack also loves to teach other people how to cook, and he loves to show them how easy it can be with his blog, social media platforms, and helpful videos showing how to make different delicious foods.

Jack is Cooking

Jacks mission is to show everyone that cooking is easier than they think, and it can be done in any environment and on any size budget. His cooking website, which is listed below, has all kinds of unique and simple recipes that you can try out.

If you are just learning how to cook, or even if you are experienced but want to learn some new recipes, Jack’s website and YouTube channel could be a beneficial place for you to accomplish that.  He has recipes that range from soups to pancakes. So whatever meal you are looking to prepare, he will have something delicious. 


In addition to cooking, and teaching others how to cook, Jack has started his own brand of specialty food products which he makes in Upstate NY. The brand was started in 2013 and it is called Jacüterie. The products that he makes and sells are a delicious hand crafted dried sausage, as well as other fine charcuterie.

If you are not sure what charcuterie is, it is a French word which is a branch of cooking that deals with prepared meats. Originally it was meant for meat preservation, but it produced such a nice flavor that it also became a popular way to prepare meat.

With the Jacüterie brand, Jack offers bacon, salami, and sausage as well as many specialty variations of these products. Currently, Jacüterie products can be purchased from a number of places in the Hudson Valley region of NY, and also at select locations in New York City. You can find a location near you right here if you are in the Upstate NY region. As the brand continues to grow so will the distribution.

Jacüterie is also the first state licensed charcuterie facility in Columbia County, which is in the Hudson Valley in NY State.

The pictures below are some of the packaged products that Jack creates under the Jacüterie brand.




Here is a sample video of Jack in action, and he has many other awesome cooking videos on his YouTube channel, which you can find at the end of the post.

Jack can be found online in the following places:


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