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Customer Spotlight: Showcasing How Customers Use Our Products

Celebrating our amazing customers (that’s YOU!), along with showcasing our printed labeling creations is the focus of Stickers’ Friends. This section inspires creativity by allowing you to see what the end product looks like! Get a glimpse at some of our customers’ work (is yours in here?!), while learning more about our spectacular label materials. Check out some awesome products and packaging as well! We must say, Stickers the tree frog has got some seriously talented friends!

How to Choose Between Ordering Sheets, Rolls, or Cut-to-Size Labels

April 13, 2017

Choosing between rolled labels, sheet labels, and cut-to-size labels isn’t always easy. However, the tips provided throughout this article will help you to make the best possible ordering decision, whether you need printed roll labels, blank or printed sheet labels, or printed cut-to-size labels. If you still can’t decide which type of labels to order, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Sheet-Labels.com for assistance. We’re here to help! 

5 Tips for Printing Labels at Home

March 14, 2017

If you’re using a custom label printer at home or in the office, you need to ensure that you’re printing your labels correctly to avoid wasted labels and added frustrations. Fortunately, the experts at Sheet-Labels.com are here to provide you with helpful tips to make the process as easy as possible. If you find that ordering blank sheet labels from Sheet-Labels.com is not the best choice for you, our printed labels may be a better option. We’ll print your labels from our facility and we’ll send them to you quickly and affordably.

Choose a Custom Label Printer

The first step in printing labels at home or in the office is choosing a quality label printer. Generally, you’ll find inkjet or laser printers as available options for smaller home or office printing jobs. While you’ll find plenty of inexpensive printers on the market, you may find that the replacement cartridges for these inexpensive printers cost more in the long run. Or you may find that the print quality is much worse than you expected. For tips on finding the best possible label printer, check out our blog post on How to Choose a Label Printer.   

Order Quality Label Materials

One of the many secrets to printing labels at home has to do with the material of the product label. If your label materials aren’t high-quality, your print job won’t be either. Check out our many high-quality label materials to find a material that best fits your printing needs.

Find a Compatible Template

Once you’ve chosen a label material and have placed your order, we recommend downloading a compatible printer template. Templates make it easy for you to set up your print job to print your labels from your home or office computer. Find a compatible template here

Test Your Custom Label Printer

Before you attempt to print your product labels, we recommended setting up the label template and performing a test print on a blank sheet of paper. After you’ve performed a test print on a blank sheet of paper, place the printed sheet of paper in front of a label sheet and hold the two sheets of paper up to a light to ensure that the positioning is how it should be.

Properly Store Your Labels

An important part of successfully printing labels at home has to do with the way product labels are stored when they are not in use. If your labels are wrinkled or are peeling from the sheet of paper, they won’t print properly. Additionally, if they are stored in cold or hot temperatures or become water damaged, they may not print properly. For label storage tips, refer to our blog post where we discuss four essential tips for storing your printed or blank product labels. Above all, keep your labels dry, away from moisture and humidity, and straighten any curls early on before they worsen. Once labels begin to curl, they are more difficult to restore. However, it is possible to restore them if you act fast!

If you have any questions during the printing process, the team at Sheet-Labels.com is happy to answer any of your questions. 

Customer Spotlight: The Black Rock Mud Company

June 08, 2015

The Black Rock Mud Company makes a 100% organic mud mask which comes from the “mudpots” of the Great Boiling Springs, which is located in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

The Adirondack Food & Wine Festival

May 28, 2015

Lake George, NY is always a very busy place during the summer months. It is a quiet little town with all kinds of fun summer activities to occupy your time. It is also a popular destination for campers, boaters, and families that are looking for family fun.

The Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery Grand Opening Wrap Up

May 27, 2015

The Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery had their Grand Opening celebration over Memorial Day weekend. The event was on Saturday, May 23, and the weather that day could not have been any more perfect.

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