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SheetLabels.com Customer Service Representatives: Knowledgeable About Our Products & Helpful To Our Customers!

June 17, 2014

Customer service can mean many things to many different people. Customers may have their own view of what they think Customer Service is. On the other hand, an actual Customer Service Representative may view their tasks and job in a complete different way.

Terri Kingsley, one of our Customer Service Representatives was able to shed some light on her day-to-day responsibilities and what being a Customer Service Representative means to her.

“It’s being available to the Customer. Being able to offer solutions to any issues Customers call with”, said Terri. Adding, “We make recommendations for the Customers. Really, it’s being there for the Customer”.

When asked about the two most important characteristics of someone working in Customer Service, Terri answered, “you need to be friendly to Customers and knowledgeable of the products or services you provide”!

The Customer Service Team here at SheetLabels.com is extremely busy each and every day. Their day-to-day responsibilities include; answering phones, making outgoing calls in response to emails and voicemails and following up with quotes and sample requests!

When asked, “What are three important things that Customer Service Representatives need to know”, Terri responded by saying, “they need to know about company procedures, the need to know about the products and finally, they need to know how to identify the reason a Customer is calling”. She added, “we need to be able to ask key questions in order to effectively communicate with Customers”.

Finally, when asked about a memorable Customer Service moment that Terri had, she shared a great story. “I received a call from a frantic Customer regarding the UPS Delivery of her package. She was in dire need of the printed labels for a trade show the very next day!” She continued by adding, “I had confirmed using the UPS tracking number that the package was just delivered to her home within the last thirty minutes, however this Customer was home all morning and the package had not been delivered.”

“My solution was to call UPS to see if I could obtain further information as to the exact location of the delivery from the UPS driver. With the combined forces of the SheetLabels.com Customer Service Team and the UPS Customer Service Team, we were able to quickly communicate the situation to the UPS driver. He realized that he had delivered her package to the wrong house but was able to quickly retrieve it and deliver it to our Customer within the hour!”

Customer Service Representatives are the frontline for most all businesses, speaking with Customers on a daily basis and helping Customers navigate through issues and even company websites.

Have you had a memorable experience working with one of our Customer Service Representatives? If so, please share your story on our Facebook, Twitter or testimonials page!

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We really appreciate the fast service!

We really appreciate the fast service! It is very quick ordering process and we get exactly what we need. Thank you.
Kimberly G.
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Great service

gold foil round 12-up labels are great product & fast shipping; thank you!
Tom M.
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Tony Dillon is a great customer service representative. He and Lindsey Rice make it very easy to do business with Sheet Label. They can't do enough for you. We are working with the team, headed by Adam Gray, on a very innovative project to fulfill our label needs and save significant resources.
Debbie G.