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Learn What’s Different Between The Crystal Clear Gloss And Frosty Clear Matte Label Materials!

March 21, 2013

At SheetLabels.com we pride ourselves on offering labels to fit all of our customers’ needs! With over 4,000 products at SheetLabels.com we have the perfect shape, size and material for any labeling project both large and small.

With so many amazing label material options you may wonder what differentiates all the materials from one another.

It’s easy to spot what’s different between the fluorescent labels and the pastels. The fluorescent materials are bold and bright while the pastels are more subtle and elegant.

There’s a visible difference between the Brown Kraft label material and the Pacific Blue material because they are obviously different colors.

But, what about the polyester materials, specifically the Crystal Clear Gloss Laser Weatherproof material and the Frosty Clear Matte Laser Weatherproof material.

The Crystal Clear Gloss material has a gloss finish. The term gloss means having a shiny finish. If you think about developing photos, you can choose to have your photos developed with a gloss or matte finish. Gloss labels reflect light. These labels look visibly more clear to eye.

The Frosty Clear Matte material has a matte finish. The term matte means having a dull finish. In no way does the matte finish have any effect on our customer’s artwork! Many individuals choose to develop their photos with a matte finish because it tends to absorb light rather than reflect it.

Other than the simple gloss and matte difference between these label materials, they are virtually the same in every other aspect. Both materials are part of the polyester family, which makes them both tear-resistant and weatherproof.

These labels are both to be used with laser printers. Laser printers use toners instead of ink. The toners are heated and fused into the material being run through the printer.

The Crystal Clear Gloss and Frosty Clear Matte label materials are ideal choices for many of our customers. These labels materials allow your artwork to take center stage while the label blends into the surface, which it is adhered to.

Do you use the Crystal Clear Gloss or Frosty Clear Matte materials for your labeling projects? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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