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Q: Should I Use Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Labels Or Another Material Like High Gloss Laser From SheetLabels.com?

June 25, 2014

A: This blog is going to be an experiment that may help you when you’re deciding which label material is best for your next project.

We’re going to start with comparing our Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser material and our High Gloss Laser label material. Take a look at the photo above and you’ll see that both labels are custom printed by SheetLabels.com.

Each label material looks bright and crisp. This is because each label material is still attached to the liner. The liner is white in color, which allows the artwork to pop from the label.

But, what happens if you peel the label from the liner and apply each label to a dark surface or to a clear surface containing a dark liquid?

I’m going to start with the photos located at the top of this blog of the labels on the glass container with the green liquid inside. As you can see the High Gloss Laser label still looks great and the reason for this is because these labels have a white surface that covers the dark liquid and allows your artwork to remain the same.

What about the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser label? The printing on this label now appears less vibrant. This is happening because the artwork was printed on a clear surface and the color of the liquid is now showing through the label.

Moving on, reference the photos located at the top of this blog with the glass container filled with clear water. As you can see, both labels look great. This is because the water is clear so there is no extra color competing with the colors printed on the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser label.

Here at SheetLabels.com, we never want to discourage you from ordering the label material you’re interested in. We just believe that you should know all the information about each label material before placing your order.

When ordering the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser label material base your decision on the color of your artwork and on the colors of the background on which your labels will be applied.

If you have any doubts about your artwork or if you would like to test our Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester material, please request samples.

Have you ever ordered Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser labels from SheetLabels.com? How do you use your labels? Share your feedback and answers on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages using #SLIBlog!

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