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Spectacle® Inkjet Labels Allow Your Creativity To Shine!

October 30, 2012

When you’ve taken the time to choose an image you want to print on a label, be sure to choose a material that will truly let your image shine the way you intended it to!

For those of you using inkjet printers for label printing needs, you may feel left behind or with less options as far as label materials go, but we offer a material to allow those using inkjet printers to get great photo quality printed labels. It’s called Spectacle® inkjet!

The Spectacle® material has a design only allowing it to be used with inkjet printers! Inkjet printers use actual ink that print your artwork or text on top of the material being fed through the printer. These labels end up with such high quality finishes because their components have all been hand picked!

The white color of the Spectacle® inkjet material allows for crisp edges to be displayed and a defined quality you thought only existed in photographs. Along with the white background the material also has a smooth texture, allowing artwork to flow without the disruption of the design on the paper.

The Spectacle® inkjet material has a permanent adhesive making it ideal for most labeling applications. Like the Spectacle® laser material, the Spectacle® inkjet labels are ideal for high-end packaging and product displays.

The next time you want a crisp and clean design printed on a label using your own inkjet printer, try the Spectacle® inkjet label material. It will make all the difference!

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