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Creating Time Capsules with Waterproof Labels

December 29, 2014

Another year is coming to a close, and memories of the past 12 months are on the minds of everyone. New Year’s Eve is a great time to reminisce over the past year, as well as to define goals for the coming year. If you had a year full of unforgettable memories, New Year’s Eve can be a great time to get crafty and preserve those memories. One way to do this is by creating your very own time capsule that is full of things that remind you of the memorable year.

Preparing Your Memories

Preserving these memories with a time capsule is a fun way to relive the past year as you put it all together. It is also a fun way to keep these memories safe, and you can relive them again at a future date when removing the time capsule from its hiding place.

When making preparations for your time capsule, the first thing that you will need to find is a container that is waterproof. This will keep the memories you place inside from being destroyed over time by moisture and other environmental factors.

If the container that you find is not completely waterproof that is fine, but if that’s the case, you should wrap the contents in waterproof bags. A good spot to find a waterproof container is your local Army & Navy store since they usually carry containers that are long-lasting and waterproof.

Once you have a good container it is time to start prepping your items to be placed inside. Some items that would be perfect include copies of pictures, menus for memorable events, copies of special notes, small trinkets, and anything else that means something and will fit inside. Copies of sentimental items should always be used just in case something goes wrong. 

Organizing, Labeling, and Hiding

When preparing your items, you should place them into bags and label them with waterproof labels. The labels allow you to write more details around the memory, including the date and story about why it's so memorable. The weatherproof labels will hold up much better inside your time capsule than a regular paper label if any moisture gets inside. With the labels helping to tell a story, it is essential to keep them from being damaged.

Once your items are securely wrapped up and labeled, it is time to get them situated in the capsule and then placing it in the hiding spot of your choice.

Time capsules are often buried underground, but we would suggest finding a safer alternative. It can be in a particular place in your house such as in a basement corner, or even in your garage or shed. With a waterproof container and the items wrapped and labeled with waterproof labels it would probably be fine underground, but when there are other options there is no reason to take that risk. 

Now that the memories are preserved and hidden, you can set a date in the future when you want to retrieve the memories. Some of the common timeframes for retrieving a time capsule are 5- 10 years.

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