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Create A Successful Marketing Campaign For Your Company That Is Going To Attract More Customers By Following Seven Simple Steps!

September 04, 2013

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. There’s online marketing, email marketing and even social media marketing. These different marketing strategies allow businesses to establish relationships with as many customers and potential customers as possible!

There are some key elements that any company large or small need follow when creating and implementing a marketing campaign. The seven elements for creating a successful marketing campaign are:

  1. Establish a Goal
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Clearly State Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  4. Choose Your Outlets Wisely
  5. Lose No Leads
  6. Follow Up
  7. The Call to Action

The first step is to establish a goal. When creating a marketing campaign, a company needs to have specific elements set in place to purposely achieve certain goals. Do you want to reach a certain number of customers? Are you trying to sell a certain number of products or reach a certain revenue goal? Establishing goals allows for a marketing individual or team to track how well the marketing campaign is doing!

The second step for creating a successful marketing campaign is to know your audience. Many companies think they need to treat all their customers the same when actually, your products may be best targeted to a specific audience. Companies need to gather information about their customers in order to know whether their marketing campaign is best sent as an email or established on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The third step is to clearly state your unique selling proposition. Customers like your company for a certain reason. If your products as less expensive than your competition’s products then find a unique way to state that in your marketing campaign. If you offer more products than your competitors, again let it be known in your marketing campaign. Let customers and potential customers know what makes your company and the products you offer better than that of your competition!

The fourth step for creating a successful marketing campaign is to choose your outlets wisely. Websites alone, no longer cut it when it comes to selling products. Even companies like Sony and Pepsi use marketing campaigns that stretch from television commercials to social media pages! If you’re looking to target a specific audience, then create a social media campaign on Facebook, which has over a billion users or create a local television commercial if you’re products are specifically geared toward local clients!

The fifth step is to lose no leads. Anyone who visits your website or social media page is a potential customer. It doesn’t matter how much money that customer is ing to spend because any amount spent is good for a company! If someone sends and email or posts a comment with a question or suggestion, be sure to respond to that customer in a timely manner!

The sixth step for creating a successful marketing campaign is to follow up. After sending samples or hearing from a customer always be sure to get in touch with that customer for a follow up. Calling a customer for a follow up is more personal and unique than sending an email. This may help turn that one-time customer into a brand-loyal, repeat customer! After following up with a customer, that customer may start recommending your products to family and friends! That’s called word of mouth advertising and it is worth more than any company could spend on a marketing campaign!

The final step is the call to action. No matter what form of marketing you choose to use for your business, always be sure to include some form of call to action. You can include a phone number or email address, but don’t leave customers searching for your website or a way to contact your company because that turns your successful marketing campaign into a failure!

These seven steps can help any company large or small create a great marketing campaign that is going to get the attention of potential customers across a number of different marketing platforms!

Do you implement these seven steps in your businesses marketing campaign or do you know any businesses that have? Share your answers on our Facebook or Twitter pages by using #SLIBlog!

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