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Create A Customer Friendly Company Website And Sell More Products!

May 07, 2013

In today’s technology driven, Internet run society it doesn’t matter if your business is a physical retail shop or you’re strictly web-based, companies need online websites.

If your company doesn’t have a .com, .net, .edu or .gov website address chances are your company still has a Twitter account or Facebook profile.

Designing and actually creating a user friendly website may seem confusing or hard to do. But, there are a few main points to focus on to ensure you have a great, easy to use website for your company. The seven things to focus on when creating your website are:


  1. Use a logical navigation structure
  2. Check for errors regularly
  3. Use a consistent design and layout
  4. Include a site search tool
  5. Ensure shopping carts are functional
  6. Include obvious contact details
  7. Use easy to understand language

The first step is to use a logical navigation structure. When creating your website be sure to always use logical headlines. Headlines and links to new website pages need to tell the customer what they are clicking on, for example “Click here to order” or “visit our blog page”. When customers click on the “Click here to order” text they understand that they’re going to be taken to a page where they can order specific products that your company features. If your customer clicks on “visit our blog page” they know they’re going to be redirected to your company blog page! Making your website links and pages easy for customers to understand is the first step to making your website user friendly!

The second step is to check for errors regularly. It’s the Internet and problems occur all the time. It could be a simple linking error or your website may be down completely. Nothing is worse for a customer than trying to access a website and not being able to view and order products. Be sure to continually check website pages for any bugs that need to be fixed. If you run into an error, be sure to fix it quickly so customers have a great experience dealing with your company and your website!

The third step is to use a consistent design and layout. This step is easy to understand and easy to implement! When customers go from one page to another on your website they expect to see the same color scheme, font and general page layout. This step gives your website a nice “flow”.

The fourth step is to include a site search tool. Great websites include a search box usually located in the upper right hand side of the website where customers can type in keywords and the website filters out products that best fit that customers keyword search. This makes finding a product and ordering quick and easy for customers and it makes using your company website a breeze!

The fifth step is to ensure that shopping carts are functional. When customers reach the checkout page, it’s the last page they see before actually purchasing your product. There should be product descriptions, images and even a place where customers can delete items from their cart. Test your cart pages on different website browsers and even on different computers! If something doesn’t work on your company website cart page, customers are going to have to start over or call and place the order over the phone. Not all customers have time for that, so be sure to have the cart pages always working correctly.

The sixth step is to include obvious contact details. When customers are ordering products or researching companies online they often look for contact information. Customers want to know they are dealing with a reputable company and not being scammed. Offer contact information such as an email address and phone number to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

The final step is to use easy to understand language. When people are shopping online, they either have no retail store close by or they’re in a hurry. Either way, customers aren’t usually experts in the products your company provides. So, make the language describing products quick and easy to read. Use descriptive words and images to guide customers to products that benefit their specific needs.

Creating an easy to use website takes time and continual corrections and updates. But, the final outcome far exceeds the time it takes to create a user friendly website!

Does your company website follow these seven steps? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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