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Crafting Holiday Ornaments with Labels

December 10, 2014

We wanted to share another fun holiday craft idea with you today. This is an easy way to create DIY ornaments for your holiday tree which can be a fun craft for both parents and kids. All that you need for this project is cardboard, scissors, a hole punch, markers, 4.25" x 5.5” blank labels, and some string.

In order to make these ornaments look festive and vibrant you want to use a white label so the colors really pop. We would suggest the white premium uncoated material. There are many other material options that would work well for this, but the whit ones will make the colors stand out when they are decorated.

If you do not want to color them and just want some holiday colored ornaments you could even go with silver and gold metallic labels. The silver and gold labels can also be printed on with a laser printer if you want to print a simple holiday design on them before using them on ornaments.

The first thing that you need to do is cut up the cardboard into equal size squares and triangles. You can actually make them any shape that you like, we are just using squares and triangles as examples since they are simple. The squares should be approximately 4" x 5", and the triangles should be roughly 4" on all three sides.

This size can be changed depending on the size ornaments that you prefer based on the size of your tree. If you decide to make your ornaments a larger size than that you will also need to use larger labels.

The next step is to apply the labels to the cardboard shapes that you already cut out. You want to make sure both sides are completely covered by the label. Once the label sticks to the cardboard you need to trim off the excess material. The triangles will need the most trimming because of the shape difference.

Once you have the labels adhered to the cardboard it is time to turn them into a piece of art using the markers. You can draw anything that you want to, or just create some holiday patterns such as stars, candy cane stripes, etc.

Now it is time to prepare your ornament to hang from your tree. This is one of the easiest steps, and the first thing that you need to do is take the hole punch and put a hole in the top center of your ornament. After the hole is at the top of the ornament it is time to add your string and tie it so it is ready to hang.

Last but not least, it is time to hang your decorations on your tree. They are so easy to make that you could easily decorate your whole tree with these homemade holiday crafts, and it would only take a couple of hours total from start to finish. These DIY holiday tree ornaments also make perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones.

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Michelle on Dec 10, 2014 in 06:03pm
Interesting idea, I think I will try this with my 5 year old tonight. I've really been enjoying some of the crafty posts you have been doing on your blog.
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