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The Cost Of Attaining A College Degree Continues To Rise While Graduates Have Difficulties Finding Practical Jobs!

February 11, 2013

Go to school, do your homework, join clubs or an athletic team, get a high GPA, graduate, apply to college, get a degree, land a high paying job and pay off your college loans. All of those phrases are things that today’s high school juniors and seniors have heard!

The sad truth is that while many students graduate high school and move on to receive a higher education, the landing a job and paying off student loans part isn’t as easy as it seems.

It used to be that if you had a college degree, you would be welcomed into companies with open arms. You had new ideas and specialized education into the field you were applying.

Now, it’s more common to see a college graduate living at home with their parents working menial jobs that have little to do with their college degree.

It’s hard for recent college graduates and students still in school to get a good paying job that allows them to pay their student loans and still live a “normal” life.

But, what happens when states and universities cut their funding for grants and loans? This has been happening over the past few years and it’s making it harder than ever for students to receive a college diploma.

In the next few years we may see a decline in students attending universities for four years. Instead, students may start at a more affordable community college or look into trade schools, which are less expensive and have more job opportunities upon graduation.

It’s interesting and frightening to think that trying to better yourself or reach your full potential can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars and in the end cost you more pain and stress than it may be worth.

A college degree for most is a sense of accomplishment. It’s hard to make it through tough papers and exams. But, is a college degree still worth it? Does it still hold the same sense of pride upon graduation if you don’t work a job that allows you to utilize what you’ve learned?

How do you feel about receiving a college education? Share your stories, opinions and experiences on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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