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Consumers Benefit With New Labeling & Packaging Regulations

February 03, 2015

As many of you know, there have been many changes in regulations regarding packaging and labeling in many different countries. All of these regulations that have been implemented over the past couple of years are changes for the better to consumers.

As a consumer I always want to know what is in the products that I am buying and consuming, and what I am feeding my family. Many of these improved regulations are being out into place to better inform us about these products, including what they contain in the ingredients, their effects on our health, and much more.


One of the recent changes regarding food labels that has been going into effect in certain states, is requiring food manufacturers to label any products that use GMOs. The use of genetically modified organisms in foods has been a hot topic in recent years. This is due to more and more GMO based ingredients being added to products, and just more GMOs being created than in the past.

Here is a good resource if you want to keep up on GMO labeling efforts around the US: GMO: Right to Know

Another change that we will soon be seeing on food labels, is more informative nutrition facts labels. One of the biggest changes coming down from the FDA regarding labeling is the serving size information. Serving sizes will soon reflect an actual serving size that people would eat, not what portion people were thought to eat in a serving 20 years ago when the original serving size regulations were passed.

Some other changes that you will notice in the near future on food product labels, is info such as the evidence on nutrition. There will also be a more prominent way for key info such as calories, and percent daily value to be displayed. The FDA wants companies to be more open and honest with consumers on all food product labels, and the demand for honest labels is constantly growing among consumers in the United States.

There are many other regulation changes coming down the line that will affect meats, dairy, and other food products. Keep your eyes open while grocery shopping during the year and you are bound to notice some of them.


One of the biggest trends in packaging is the continued rise of multipurpose and sustainable packaging products. Multipurpose packaging provides tremendous benefits to consumers and the environment by eliminating waste, and providing something that is beneficial to the consumer.

A great example of multipurpose packaging that you may have seen on Shark Tank recently is the Green Pizza Box, which is a pizza box that turns into plates. This multipurpose pizza box was pitched to the sharks as “The Pizza Box of the Future”, which is also something that we completely agree with. Once the box starts to get picked up by larger pizza chains and box manufacturers it is bound to blow up because of its green benefits and usefulness to the end user.

Sustainability in packaging benefits the environment, the manufacturers, and the end user, the consumer. Cutting down on waste is one of the main benefits that everyone will see.

Sustainable packaging will also be one of the main reasons that we start to see more and more multipurpose packaging like the Green Pizza box. A package that can be used after the original intended purpose is a very appealing idea to consumers. It is beneficial, and it also helps them realize that with they have a hand in helping the environment.

We are curious about how many of our readers actually read the labels before buying a new product. We have a poll going and we would love if you could take less than a minute to fill it out.

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