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Communication: Creating A Context, Shaping A Message And Receiving Feedback!

September 28, 2012

Everything we do each day is a form of communication. Whether you yawn, cough or verbally speak, you are always communicating a message. Yawning may indicate that you are tired and coughing may communicate to those around you that you could be sick.

Communication is a two way street of speaking clearly and listening actively. On this two way street you have many twists and turns.

Communication is a learning process. One must learn how to convey a message effectively in different situations and also learn how to actively listen.


The art of communication is a process with many parts, including:

  • Sender
  • Message
  • Channel
  • Receiver
  • Feedback

The Sender of a message is the person who creates the message that is being sent either verbally or nonverbally. In order for one to be an effective communicator the sender must first establish credibility. This is done by displaying knowledge of the subject, knowing the audience and also knowing the context of the message itself.

Next is creating the actual Message. The message could be written or oral. The sender when determining the context of their message must make a decision, which can be affected by many different things:

  • The sender’s tone
  • The method of organization
  • The validity of the argument
  • The sender’s individual style of communicating

All of those small details play a large role in the context of the message and help shape the way the receiver perceives that message.

The message is then sent from the sender to the receiver through a Channel. The sender of the message will decide that channel. The context of the message should also play a role in determining the channel or how it will be delivered. A channel could be a verbal or non-verbal form of communication.

Next the message travels through the channel and is delivered to the receiver. Though the sender of a message may have a desired reaction they would like the receiver to have, there is no guarantee. The only thing a sender can do is shape the message using descriptive words in the content or facial expressions and hand motions. Though you may hope for a certain outcome the receiver also enters the situation with ideas and feelings that may alter the way they perceive the message.

Because context is displayed in each step from the Sender to the Message though the desired Channel and to the Receiver, the final step is Feedback. Feedback is in the hands of the person who received the initial message. The feedback could be done verbally or nonverbally with actions. The sender needs to pay close attention to the feedback to ensure that their message was received in the correct context.

Knowing about communication is extremely important from a business standpoint. Dealing with customer questions, creating emails and wording a website are all forms of communication.

As a business, the context of a message changes depending on whether the receiver is one individual person or if the message is being set to many receivers. Being aware of the message one is sending and actively listening to customer feedback can only help a company grow!

Cactus on Oct 19, 2012 in 05:56am
Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable suorce? Oh well, gj!
Lindsey on Oct 19, 2012 in 08:36am
We are so glad you like the blog post! We'll keep them coming!
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