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Q: Does SheetLabels.com Offer Different Colored Label Materials?

June 05, 2014

A: At SheetLabels.com we offer a large selection of different label materials to make ordering labels an extremely easy process. A question we frequently hear at SheetLabels.com is, “do you offer different colored label materials”. The answer to that question is, “yes”!

At SheetLabels.com we offer a number of different colored label materials for all kinds of labeling projects. Some of the different colored label materials currently available include:

Our Silver Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof label material is extremely durable and tear resistant. These labels are commonly used for industrial applications and electronics labeling.

Our Silver Foil Laser and Gold Foil Laser labels each have a semi-reflective surface and a permanent adhesive. These labels are great for labeling high-end products and even for craft and seasonal applications.

The Fluorescent label materials at SheetLabels.com are extremely bright and vivid. These labels are perfect for labeling warehouses and for organizing! Our Pastel label materials are soft and elegant. These labels are great for labeling products in dry environments as well as for promotional labeling. The Natural Cream label material is great for using as nametags at weddings while the Brown Kraft labels are ideal for labeling homemade crafts that are being sold at farmers markets or craft fairs!

*All of the laser or laser/inkjet label materials available at SheetLabels.com can be ordered custom printed. Printed label customers can order their printed labels as:

  1. Printed labels on a sheet
  2. Individual printed labels

Have you ever ordered any of the colorful label materials from SheetLabels.com? Which one of the colorful label materials is your favorite and how do you use your labels? Share your answers and feedback on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages using #SLIBlog!

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Highly recommend this company

They are super fast and very customer service oriented!
Richard L.
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Helena Pepper Co. - Clark's Caribbean Seven Sauce

Nick Dunphy, I'm shipping you bottle of sauce! What an awesome job on my labels. They match what I created and sent to be printed, perfectly. Pre cut saves me time, and the backing peels off extremely easily with no hassles. The pricing, quality, and customer service is the best I have found... read more
James W.
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We really appreciate the fast service!

We really appreciate the fast service! It is very quick ordering process and we get exactly what we need. Thank you.
Kimberly G.