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Collections of Free Printable Label Templates

October 24, 2014

If you are looking to do a craft project with labels you have lying around your house there are many fun things that you can do. Whether you need basic labels for home organization or you want to do something more fun, these templates will come in handy. You do not have to be an artist in order to create awesome looking art with your labels. You simply need to have the free time, some sheets of label materials, scissors, and a good color printer. If you have all of these things in your house or office, then you are ready to go.

There are so many places online to find quality templates that can make your project really come to life. We wanted to create a little resource page here to save you the time of searching for templates that will work for your labels. The size and shape of the materials that you are using will play a part in which ones you can use, but you can also trim and cut wherever needed.

Printable Tags and Labels

TipJunkie has an excellent list of templates here that can help with home organization, decorating around your house, and even tags for wrapping gifts. With the holidays coming up very fast we are sure that you will find some good choices here.

Canning Label Templates

These canning label templates are perfect to help you make your packaged homemade gift baskets really stand out. No matter what kinds of goods you are canning you will still want to make the package look as nice as you possibly can and these templates can help you do that!

75 Free Printable Labels

This is a large collection of templates that will work great for all of you that love making homemade crafts and gifts. With such a large array of choices in this collection you will have no trouble finding a template that is exactly what you are looking for.

Candy Bar Label Templates

These candy bar labels are a great way to dress up your homemade candy to give away at the holidays. They are also perfect to label your candy even if you sell online or in a store. Packaging makes a huge difference in making a lasting and memorable impression with your homemade products, so take advantage of free label templates to enhance your product.

Wine Label Templates

Making your own wine and beer is becoming more popular all of the time, so why not make your wine or beer bottles look as good as you possibly can. These bottle label templates cover different holidays and other special occasions. It is also easy to sort them by occasion, holiday, or recipient when using this particular site to download them. With beverage labels you should always consider using weatherproof label stock so they hold up to moisture.

Water Bottle Labels

These printable templates are perfect to label your water bottles, or any other type of bottle that you are looking to make stand out. Custom labels are a neat way to help celebrate a special affair with that homemade touch that everyone is certain to enjoy.

Monogrammed Label Templates

These templates are the perfect way to make all of your gifts much more personal. Giving personalized gifts to your friends and family will help you show them how much they mean to you.

Back to School Labels

When the new school years starts every fall, parents get busy while getting everything ready for their children to start back to school. When the kids are in elementary school it is always necessary to label all of their school products. With these printable back to school templates, you can rest assured that your children’s belongings will not get misplaced easily at all.

How to Make Your Own Labels in MS Word

Here is a great guide that will teach you how to make your own labels using MS Word! Now you can learn how to make labels that are completely unique with your own special touches.

Vintage & Apothecary-Style Labels

These label templates are perfect if you are looking to get a vintage, antique looking label. These are perfect for all different types of projects and can really add to the packaging quality of your homemade products.

Halloween Bottle Labels

With Halloween only 1 week away we thought that some of you may like these printable Halloween bottle labels. The labels that you can print from these templates are perfect for your homemade wine bottles, homebrew beer bottles, or any other type of bottle you are looking to label for the Halloween season.

Thanksgiving Label Templates

Another holiday that is creeping up on us is Thanksgiving, which is another special day where you can show off your craft skills along with your cooking skills. There is a great selection on this Pinterest board, so we are sure that you will find some that you will love.

Free Printable Gift Tags

Here is a great collection of printable gift tags to help make your holiday packaging really stand out. All of these templates will fit well on many normal sized labels. You may have to use your scissors to trim them so they have no extra white space, but they will look great when you are finished.

Christmas Edible Gift Labels

As Christmas approaches, many people are considering what they will be giving to friends and family this holiday season. If you like to bake and make your own edible gifts then having your own labels will make them look amazing. Here is a great collection of printable Christmas labels to help you make your gifts look like you bought them.

Gael Ross on Apr 4, 2015 in 04:16pm
How do I download a template to print on labels 132 and 130. I have a Mac Computer. In the past, I think I have found the compatible Avery label and downloaded that.
Shawn on Apr 6, 2015 in 09:06am
Hello Gael, We are sorry that you had a hard time finding them templates. If you go to the product pages the templates are on the top on the right hand side. Here are the direct links back to the pages to make it easier for you: http://www.sheet-labels.com/labels/SL130 http://www.sheet-labels.com/labels/SL132
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