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Coca-Cola and Milk

December 01, 2014

As you may have heard in recent days, Coca-Cola is diving further into the world of dairy with a brand new milk product called Fairlife Purely Nutritious Milk. Coke is counting on consumers to try this new dairy product because of the health benefits that it can offer over normal milk. Coke has experimented with milk products in the past too when they invested in a high protein, dairy shake product called “Core Power”, also manufactured by the same company as Fairlife Milk.

Fairlife is not just ordinary milk, it is supercharged milk and it is said to have 50% more protein and calcium than normal milk. The dairy product is also lactose free and has half of the sugar that regular milk has. Some other unique selling points for Fairlife milk that it is not made with any protein powders or synthetic supplements. It is also free of any type of growth hormones, which is a very big selling point for many consumers.

It has been stated that Fairlife will cost twice as much as the milk on the shelves now, but to a lot of people that will not matter since the health benefits touted are worth the extra cost. That is what Coca-Cola is counting on anyways, and consumers do show time and time again that healthier products are the popular choice these days.

The Coca-Cola Company is heavily focusing on their product packaging before Fairlife is unveiled in the coming months nationwide.  They are confident that having a premium, healthy milk product on the shelves will be something that will catch the eyes of consumers. They also know that in order to start sales off well they need to have a package that jumps off the shelf so people take notice immediately.

Since Coca-Cola wants their new milk product to have a unique and modern look they decided to go with a recyclable plastic container that looks more like a traditional soft drink or juice bottle. They will rely heavily on the label by highlighting all of the health benefits of the milk as well as having the brand name in a large bright font that is front and center. 

Advertising campaigns are already underway nationally for Fairlife Purely Nutritious Milk, but not without plenty of criticism about the ads being too racy. 

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