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Designing A Website? Choose The Perfect Font By Following Five Steps!

May 29, 2013

Creating or updating a website forces both designers and owners to focus on details. The small details are equally as important as the large details when creating full websites or additional website pages.

There are easy things to remember when creating a new website such as the website color scheme and creating a flow from one website page to the next. But, one simple step that may not seem very important but is a critical piece in making your website whole is the font!

There are many things to think about when choosing a font for your website. It’s not just about what font looks great bold or italicized and it’s more than just which font looks the same at size twelve and size thirty-two. There are five things to think about when choosing a font for your website. Those five things to consider are:

  1. Purpose and Mood
  2. Serif or Sans Serif
  3. Correspond or Contrast
  4. Experiment or Fall Back
  5. Follow the Rules or Break Them

Font for a website is what gives your website personality. Behind colors and pictures, most of the content on a website is made up of text so the first thing to consider when choosing a font for your website is the purpose and mood of the website itself. Is your website selling children’s toys or business clothing for men? By knowing what services and items your website is providing, it’s going to help you choose the perfect font.

The second step when choosing the perfect font for your website is to determine whether you wish to incorporate serif or sans serif fonts. Serif is defined as a small decorative line added as embellishment to the basic form of a character. Sans serif simply means without the decorative line added as an embellishment. Some say that serif fonts flow more easily as the embellishments on the characters connect letters and help readers eyes flow from one word to the next. Ultimately the decision is yours, do you want your website to have serif fonts or are you looking to create a website with sans serif fonts?

The third step is, do you want your fonts to correspond or contrast? Believe it or not, it is okay to use more than one font on your website. That isn’t to say that you should use every font available but if you choose to use more than one font, be sure that they are relatable. If you’re using a serif font, choose another serif font if you’re looking to use more than one style. Also, be sure to look at the font both as large-scale fonts and small scale. Test both fonts as capital letters and as lowercase. If you’re choosing to use different fonts even the smallest details matter.

The fourth step is experiment or fall back? Once your website is up and running and you continue to add new pages or send out emails with coupons to customers, you’re going to develop a large collection of fonts that work for you. The next decision you must make is do you continue to use the same fonts at all times or do you change it up? With choosing fonts, it’s viewed as a good thing to continuously do the same thing. What some may view as boring, most view as organized.

The final step is do you follow the rules or break them? Ultimately the decision is up to the designer and website owner as to what they choose to do with fonts. Do you use the same font across the entire website or choose two closely relatable serif fonts? Do you choose to use multiple fonts depending on the page of the website the user is on? The decision is yours alone and what you think works best for your website.

Creating a website is a fun process but requires great attention to detail. Even the things that seem so small like choosing a font mean a lot!

What fonts do you use on your websites? Do you follow the five rules listed above? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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