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Choose A Company Website Color Scheme By Focusing On The Products And Services Your Company Provides!

July 08, 2013

If you’re starting a website for your company, it’s important to keep many things in mind during the design process. One of the most important things to think about when creating a website is the color scheme.

There’s more to each color than what meets the eye. Behind each color is a meaning and those colors are going to represent your company to hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers.

There are seven things to think about when choosing the colors for your company website. Those seven things are:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Analyze the competition
  3. Think Psychologically
  4. Differentiate
  5. Go past color to personality
  6. Be intentional
  7. Think big

The first step when choosing a color scheme for your website is to know your audience. Demographics shape your business more than any other one factor. If your demographic is college-aged males then your color scheme won’t be soft pastels but rather deep colors such as blues and greens. If your demographic is expecting mothers, the soft pastel colors are perfect for your website design.

The second step is to analyze the competition. Write down a list of your main competition and visit their websites. Take into account everything from the color of their text to the color of their logo. Do you want your website to fit into the mold of your competition or are you trying to standout with the color scheme you choose? These are all things to think about when analyzing your competition.

The third step to choosing the perfect color scheme for your website is to think psychologically. If you’re starting a business or creating a website, it’s a great idea to look into what different colors mean. If you’re looking for a color that exudes passion and dominance, then red is a great color for your website. If you’re trying to display peaceful more tranquil colors on your website, a soft blue color is perfect for you!

The fourth step is to differentiate. After you’ve researched all of your top competitors, print out photos of their logos or their website homepage and put them all together. After looking through the different color schemes used by your competitors, you’ll know which colors to stay away from. There are hundreds of shades for each color so don’t be discouraged if your competitor chose the same colors you wish to use, simply use a different shade!

The fifth step when choosing the perfect color scheme for your website is to go past the color to the personality. Colors are an easy way for people to express themselves and it’s the same thing for your company website. If you’re a vibrant company that sells fun products or services, chances are you’re going to use bold and bright colors when designing your website. If your products and services are more serious and strict, chances are you’ll use colors like black, blue and even red.

The sixth step for choosing the perfect color scheme for your website is to be intentional. When designing a website more often than not you’ll use three colors. Once you’ve selected your base color, using the color scheme you’ve decided on you need to choose a bold accent color to use for your calls to actions. This helps customers eyes flow directly to your company address and phone number!

The seventh and final step is to think big! Don’t settle for just any color scheme when creating your website. Think outside the box and go big. At the end of the day this is your company website page and you need to love it just as much as the people using it. Don’t feel pier pressure to use colors that are popular in the here and now as fads usually fade after only a few years. Choose colors that are timeless!

Choosing a color scheme for your website doesn’t need to be difficult but it does require patience and research.

What are your website colors and how did you decide on a color scheme? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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