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Chocolate Twist Knows The Secret To Great Packaging: Premium White Uncoated Labels!

October 25, 2012

Chocolate creations have long been a way for people to express themselves. Chocolate has been used as a gift around the holidays, as a treat on Halloween, as a baking ingredient and as a way for people to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Kate Coffey has conjured up some sweet temptations at her business, Chocolate Twist!

Baking and cooking alike have long been part of Kate’s life. Growing up she would watch in amazement as her grandmothers would bake desserts and cook a spread that would fill you up, with the slightest of ease!

Kate continued to embrace her talents and passion at Kendall College in Chicago where she received her Baking and Pastry Certificate. After spending several years working in the food and non-profit sectors, Kate decided to give her dream a chance!

Creativity in this bake house extends far beyond what comes out of the oven. Because, she offers so many treats, Kate has gained a loyal group of followers known as Twistheads!

“My culinary philosophy is simple; make tasty food, make it approachable and make it fun. At the end of the day, after we’ve made tasty, approachable and fun food, do something good with it! We are proud to partner with our favorite charities to foster inclusiveness, diversity and outreach”, said Kate.

Kate and the crew at Chocolate Twist use Premium White Uncoated Permanent label material to help customers differentiate which delectable treat they are trying!

Not only does Kate use her Premium White Uncoated Permanent labels on bags, but also on small boxes.

“Working with has provided Chocolate Twist with quality labels, exceptional customer service and fast turnaround” said Kate about her experience working with our products and team members!

Have you had the chance to try one of Kate’s twisted concoctions, or are you a full fledged Twisthead, let us know on either our Facebook or Twitter page!

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