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Chinese Government Considering Mandatory Labeling for GMO Foods

December 23, 2014

The Chinese government has recently approved the imports of genetically modified crops from the United States, but along with allowing the imports, they are also considering mandatory labeling for all food products with GMOs.

The proposed labeling revisions will require all foods with GMOs throughout China to be labelled according to rules that disclose manufacturing and sales operations.

The China Daily talked to the deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Rural Development. Li Guoxiang stated that the changes in the Chinese governments’ opinion came about due to a significant advance in the Sino and US political ties.

Li also stated that "The loosening of controls on GM grains by China may lead the US government to lower criteria on the exports of some high-tech products to China."

China currently does have some labelling regulations regarding GMO foods, but they are not actually laws yet and are just administrative regulations, according to a biotechnology researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The same representative, Huang Dafang, also said that having “proper laws and regulations on GM foods are important because they affect the international agricultural trade”.

We have been seeing many countries starting to take a much stronger stance on the required labelling of GMO food products, and as these products become more widespread internationally, we will see more laws and regulations being introduced.

There are plenty of countries that do not allow GMO food products at all, and that is a number that we will also see increase. The current countries that have completely banned GMO food products can be seen here, and this also lists the regions in countries that have banned GMO foods.  The site is updated consistently, so as laws change the site will reflect them.

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