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Checkout As A Registered Customer: Ordering Labels & Checking Out As A SheetLabels.com Registered Customer Is Extremely Easy!

June 26, 2013

Checking out at SheetLabels.com is an easy process, especially when you’ve registered as a SheetLabels.com customer.

Either login to your account before you start adding items to your cart by taking your mouse to the right side of the website and hovering over the “Account” button. When the box generates, type in your email address and the password that you created during the registration process, then click “Ok”.

If you forgot to login to your account before you started adding items to your cart, don’t worry, you can still checkout under your registered account.

After you’ve added labels to your cart, you’re taken to the “Shopping Cart” page. If you’re satisfied with your order, click the “Secure Checkout” button.

The website then takes you to a new page.

On this page you have three options for checking out. Those three options are:

  1. Checkout as a registered customer
  2. Create an account as a new customer
  3. Checkout as a guest

This blog is walking you through the checkout process as a registered customer, so under “Registered Users” type in your email address and the password you created when you registered as a SheetLabels.com customer and then click “Login”.

The website takes you to a new page. You’re now on the first of four steps. This first step is dedicated to your shipping information.

When you registered as a SheetLabels.com customer, your address was saved to make the checkout process as easy as possible. Take a look at the information you previously filled out and if you need to make any changes, click “Change Address”.

If all of your shipping information is correct, move down the page to the “Shipping Method” section. Here you’re going to choose which shipping method best fits your needs.

Continuing down the page, you’ll see the “Contact Information” section. Again, this information was already filled in and saved when you registered as a SheetLabels.com customer.

If you changed any of your information in the “Shipping Address” section and your contact information also needs to be changed, click the box next to the text that says “same as shipping”.

Next, move down to the “Order Information” section. If you would like to associate a purchase order number with your order, for your records, please type that number in the box provided.

Finally, move over to the “Comments” section. If there is any information regarding your labels or the shipping of your labels that you think the SheetLabels.com team needs to know about, add that information in the box provided.

After you’ve finished filling in all of the information on this page, click “Continue”.

Now you’re on step two of four. This is the “Payment Information” section. At the top of this page you’ll notice that your billing information is already filled in with the information you provided when you registered.

If you need to change any of the information in this section, click “Change Address”. If your information is correct, continue through the checkout process by moving to the “Payment Method” section. In this section you’ll need to:

  • Select your credit card type
  • Type in the name on the card
  • Type in the credit card number
  • Choose the expiration date
  • Type in the CVV number

If you don’t know what the CVV number is, hover your mouse over the blue circle with the white question mark. A diagram generates to help you locate the CVV number on your credit card.

Moving on, if you have a SheetLabels.com discount code that you want to use with this order, please type that code in the box provided under “Discount”.

Next, scroll down the page to “Order Totals”. This section requires no work; it’s simply a breakdown of your labels total and shipping total.

Once you’ve finished adding all the information required on this page, click “Continue”.

Now you’re on step three of four. This is the “Confirmation” section.

For this third step all you need to do is read through the categories and make sure all of the information you provided is correct. The categories you need to read through are:

  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Payment Information
  • Contact Information
  • Order Totals

If everything looks correct, click “Confirm Order”.

Now you’re on step four of four. On this page SheetLabels.com lets you know that your order was successful. If you wish to print out an “order acknowledgement/receipt”, you have the option of doing so on this page.

Please note, if you need to make any changes to your order, please do so within twenty minutes of placing your order by calling 1.888.388.2502. Any changes to your order made after twenty minutes of placing the order will incur additional charges.

Checking out at SheetLabels.com is quick and easy when you’re a SheetLabels.com registered customer.

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Highly recommend this company

They are super fast and very customer service oriented!
Richard L.
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Im glad I chose you.

This was exactly what i was looking for. Before I was using paper labels for my beverage product and they were not suitable for the way wanted to present my product. The labels would crinkle and peal of when the beverages got cold in the fridge. Now with my new labels from SHEET LABELS, I no... read more
Z S.
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Tony Dillon is a great customer service representative. He and Lindsey Rice make it very easy to do business with Sheet Label. They can't do enough for you. We are working with the team, headed by Adam Gray, on a very innovative project to fulfill our label needs and save significant resources.
Debbie G.