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With Changing Beef Labels And Pork Labels, Customers Are Going To Have An Easier Time Understanding Meat!

May 13, 2013

Have you ever gone to the local butcher shop or supermarket and been confused of the options? There are so many different names when it comes to choosing pork chops and beef. What part of the animal are you ordering if you order a pork butt or rump roast?

The meat industry is vast and now more than ever consumers are enjoying different kinds of foods, cooking them differently and entertaining guests over meals.

The American meat industry has decided to change the labels on packages for more than 350 cuts of pork and beef with veal and lamb updates coming later on. This new way of labeling meats is a refreshing change form the 40-year-old system previously used for naming different cuts of meat.

After two years of researching meat counter confusion experienced by customers, the National Pork Board, the Beef Checkoff Program and federal agriculture officials have signed off on an updated labeling system.

These new labels won’t only display new names for cuts of meat but where appropriate, the new labels are going to use universal terms across species. A bone-in loin cut is now going to be labeled as a T-bone whether it’s pork or beef. The organizations are hoping this labeling method is going to help consumers understand what they’re ordering as well as reduce label clutter.

Many customers may not know that meat labels are federally regulated. The Uniform Retail Meat Identification Standards (URMIS) is a voluntary system used by 85% of food retailers. If retailers choose not to use the URMIS method they have the option of choosing other federally approved labels or submitting their own labels for approval.

It’s going to be nice for customers to have a universal, more descriptive label on their meats. Walking into the butcher shop no longer need to be a stressful process.

Do you think this new labeling method is going to help consumers looking to purchase meat? What are other label suggestions do you have to make purchasing specific meat cuts easier? Share your stories, experiences and ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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