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Saving You From Your Cell Phone: What The Label Industry Might Be Up To Next!

August 15, 2012

Cell phones have gone from barely owned in the 1990’s to practically an accessory like earrings and belts in the new millennium. People love texting, taking pictures and having the Internet all on one device right at their fingertips. Cell phones continue to get smaller, thinner and lighter with higher resolution cameras and new apps every year! With all these positives, some negatives can occur. What are they? Read on!

Cell phones emit radio frequencies and the levels at which they are releasing these frequencies have been under close study for years. Congressman Dennis Kucinich has recently introduced a bill in Ohio concerning cell phones and their radio frequency emission levels.

The bill has been named the Cell Phone Right To Know Act. Under this act the Environmental Protection Agency would need to re-evaluate and change the regulations regarding specific absorption rate (SAR). SAR is the amount of radio frequency energy that is absorbed by the body when using a cell phone.

The goal of this act would be to have wireless companies use labels stating radio frequency levels of each cell phone. This would then allow consumers to make a more knowledgeable decision when choosing their next cell phone.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently began taking a second look at the standards for cell phone safety. It is alarming to know that even with the growing technology, the implemented guidelines for cell phones placed by the FCC have not been changed in the last 15 years.

Although government officials have recently become more concerned along with the FCC, wireless industries have continued saying that their phones are safe.

Radio frequency in recent years has been studied, and found that at certain levels it can cause cancer, interfere with brain functionality and in some cases, cause infertility.

Labels like HIGH-TACK White Polyester Weatherproof labels, White Uncoated All Temperature labels or Fluorescent labels would not only stand out but also be beneficial in allowing customers to research the best product for their personal health and wellness.

As technology continues to progress at such a fast-pace, the regulations and guidelines set in place for these products should continue to change as well. The FCC has stated that they recommend using the speakerphone feature to distance the phone from your face.

Were you aware that cell phones emitted radio frequencies? Which one of our labels do you think would be best to use for this purpose? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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