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Celebrate Valentines Day With Your Loved One And A Box Of Candy!

February 13, 2013

Valentines Day has long been a day to celebrate love. With colors like red and pink surrounding the holiday and gifts like chocolates, heart-shaped candy and dinner dates it’s a romantic holiday!

Though some may think of Valentines Day as a pointless holiday celebrated by too many couples, many stores and industries are profiting from the romantic date.

Wine makers, candy producers and florists know that their products are going to fly off the shelves on and around Valentines Day.

In the United States alone, 62% of adults say they celebrate the holiday and 23% of adults purchase flowers whether they’re mixed combinations of gorgeous colors or roses for their special someone.

Candy manufacturers sell around 58 million pounds of chocolate the week of Valentines Day. 36 million heart-shaped candy-filled boxes are sold and about 8 billion Sweethearts® candies are produced!

It seems Valentines Day shopping is a last minute thing for most people. During the week of February 14th approximately 174,000 gallons of sparkling wine are sold!

Holidays are becoming more and more predictable each year. Wake up in the morning on Valentines Day to flowers and a card and end the evening with dinner and a glass of wine.

Being different and unique is hard to do, but always worth the effort!

Have you already made Valentines Day plans or do you wait until the last minute? Let us know either on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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