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Create A Business Profile On Twitter & Tweet Without Losing Followers!

December 02, 2013

Are you constantly posting on Twitter only to realize that the number of “Followers” you have stays the same? There are a number of reasons why your Twitter “Followers” remain around the same amount over a period of weeks or even months.

Twitter is a great place to let people know about your day, business products, quotes you want to share or even photos in 140 characters or less. But, there are four things that may cause your Twitter “Followers” to remain the same or even decrease over time! Those four things are:

  1. You look like an egg
  2. You’re on team follow back
  3. Your following ratio is disproportionate
  4. You send DM (direct message) spam

The first thing that many individuals do that causes a lack of increase in Twitter “Followers” is leaving their profile image as the egg default image. Many users don’t trust the idea of following someone who won’t post a photo of themselves on their profile. If you’re a business, it’s fine to post your company logo or mascot but keeping the picture of the egg, adding a celebrity photo or someone who isn’t you, is distrusting!

The second thing that many individuals and businesses do that causes Twitter “Followers” to decrease is to be on team follow back. Sending out tweets stating that you follow back any individual or business that follows you is like begging. You shouldn’t waste resources on following other Twitter accounts that don’t potentially benefit yourself or your business.

Number three on the list of things that may cause your Twitter “Followers” to decrease is that your following ratio is disproportionate. It’s suspicious to many potential followers to see someone following them who have a drastic difference in the amount of followers they have as opposed to who they are following.

The fourth and final thing that may cause a decrease in followers is sending DM spam. Many businesses think they should send a direct message to anyone who follows them on Twitter. Most of the time these messages are for discounts or thanking someone for the follow. Your followers end up getting notifications regarding your direct message when they log onto their Twitter account, to their email and even to their phones. This is overwhelming for customers and may make a follower change their mind quickly!

Using Twitter from a business standpoint is a smart idea. There are a lot of ways that Twitter can benefit small and large businesses but doing too much may end up in the loss of Twitter “Followers” for your Twitter account.

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