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Use Social Media Websites Like Facebook To Sell Products, Meet New Customers & Form Business Relationships

October 16, 2013

Social media websites are great for large and small businesses. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are great for advertising products, posting photos of products and obtaining new and loyal customers!

Facebook is a social media website used by over one billion people worldwide! Posting photos and status updates about products and creating company updates on Facebook are all great forms or marketing, but Facebook is more than just a platform for marketing and advertising!

Facebook is a social media website, meaning that it’s a place for people to be social. Businesses should also be using Facebook as a way of communicating and building relationships with customers!

Don’t be afraid as a business on Facebook to “Like” photos posted by other businesses or write status updates that may not necessarily promote your business or the products you sell. Communicating and building relationships with customers is as easy as answering questions quickly, “Sharing” funny photos and posting videos that your potential customers can relate to and enjoy!

When people login to their Facebook account, they most likely aren’t logging on to read about your products, but, if you “Like” their page, photo or status, that potential customer realizes that your company shows interest in other businesses and individuals.

Reach out and show interest in your customers and potential customers by being more than just a business on social media websites. Be an individual by communicating, showing interest and building relationships with other individuals and businesses!

Does your company use social media as a way to meet new customers? Share your answers on our Facebook and Twitter pages by using #SLIBlog!

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