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May 21, 2014

Branding, marketing and advertising take time to develop and take specific plans that are set in place with stepping-stones that ultimately help you reach your main goal. There are some brands who “get it right”, whether it be marketing via commercials, on Facebook and even through campaigns they’ve started on new social media apps like Instagram.

Let’s start with a company that understands how to advertise with great, heart felt commercials. That company is Dove. Dove tugs at your heartstrings but their ultimate goal is to make women feel beautiful in their own skin. They’ve been able to accomplish their goal using many commercials. Each commercial is clever, unique and unlike any other commercials that their competitors are running. These commercials are memorable and that’s what makes them “right”!

Moving on, there are some companies that understand that Facebook and Twitter can sell products, but they can also be used as a platform to be funny and creative. One brand that understands how to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is none other than, Oreo! Oreo is always posting clever photos and phrases using hashtags that make people laugh! Oreo has been around for a long time but became a huge social media contender during the Super Bowl blackout when they made headlines for simply tweeting, a photo of an Oreo cookie with a dark background and a white light that looks like milk with the text, “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark“. That photo with text was accompanied by the words “Power out? No problem.” Those few words made history and turned Oreo into a social media marketing giant!

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Businesses use smartphones to order products, connect with clients and to check their social media sites. Individuals use smartphones to text, call, check emails and also to get on social media websites. Instagram is an app that was developed specifically for smartphone users that wanted to showcase photos quickly using fun filters. Like any social media site, some brands were able to find ways to grow their engagement with customers using Instagram. One great example of how a business uses Instagram, is Starbucks! Starbucks encourages their coffee drinkers and pastry eaters to share fun, creative photos of how they drink their coffee, where they drink their coffee and how they spice up the way their coffee looks by sharing photos on Instagram. Some people color on their cups, others use a black and white filter showing their coffee next to a newspaper and others show leftover crumbs on a Starbucks napkin. Each photo is a customer testimonial to the brand and that’s why Starbucks is doing it “right”!

Does your business creatively use social media, social aps or commercials to show your products in a different light than that of your competitors? Share your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even Instagram account names so we can follow you and see what you’re doing!

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