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Sell More Products And Gain More Customers By Correctly Branding Your Company!

April 09, 2013

What is branding? A brand is the design or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company who owns the idea or image. In short, branding is your company. It’s the colors of your company logo, the way you spell your company name and the way the company is portrayed across business cards, social media and the company website!

Creating a successful brand can be difficult. There are many rules a new business owner needs to follow in order to give the company and brand the best possible chance to succeed. There are eleven rules of branding and they are:

  1. Listen to your customers
  2. Keep it honest, simple and consistent
  3. Meet the market opportunity
  4. Cool is never declared
  5. The conversation is two-way
  6. Get real and differentiate
  7. Map your audiences, messages, channels and desired results
  8. Live your brand with purpose and passion
  9. It’s the experience
  10. Embrace the idea of community
  11. Measure the results and enact change

The first rule of branding is to listen to your customers. Customers know what they are looking for and what other companies are offering. Don’t talk your products at them, talk about your products to them. But, also hear what they have to say about your products and the products being offered by your competition. Customers like knowing that a company is hearing their wants, needs and ideas. That’s how you turn a one-time customer into a forever customer!

The second rule of branding is to keep it honest, simple and consistent. Come up with a list of what your company’s values and beliefs are. Be sure to always hold true to your values and beliefs! Customers love knowing that a company may change products, but that their service remains true to where it originally started. Come up with a purpose statement for the company. The statement can also be called a company motto. The statement needs to be clear and concise so that employees and customers can remember what the company stands for.

The third rule of branding is to meet the market opportunity. Do research about your company performance. Though it can be difficult to see some results, it’s also a learning experience. Figure out what your customer needs and then fill that void!

The fourth rule of branding is that cool is never declared. Think of your hero or role model, this person can be a famous athlete, scientist or businessperson. If you look up to someone it’s because they’re great at what they do. But, the best people at what they do, acknowledge the improvements they can continue to make, while others view them as heroes. Don’t showboat your companies’ achievements; let customers do that for you. Continue to focus on improving your business each and every day to maintain that status that you’ve achieved!

The fifth rule of branding is that the conversation is two-way. The main goal of marketing is to bring awareness to your company and products. But, advertisements and marketing strategies need to be more focused on meeting the needs of the consumer rather than about the company itself. The best, most touching advertisements remain lodged in our brains because they make consumers think about how they need the product being advertised, rather than about the product itself.

The sixth rule of branding is to get real and differentiate. Customers shopping in your line of business already know what you offer. They know what your competitors offer as well. They don’t want to hear the same scientific jargon; they want to know the truth. Tell customers the truth and it’s likely something they’ve never heard before! That’ll turn your one-time customer into a brand loyal customer in no time!

The seventh rule of branding is to map your audiences, messages, channels and desired results. The main point of this rule is to take the time to understand the market and your customers. Understand your repeat customers and the perspective customers. It’s important to know why your customers purchase products from your company and why they don’t. Using apps and software make tracking customers easier than ever with the correct training!

The eighth rule of branding is living your brand with purpose and passion. This rule applies to the owner of the company, to the person making the product, the people packaging the product and those individuals selling the product. Each person needs to truly believe in the company and products being sold. That happens when each individual working with or for your company has had the correct training and has the knowledge to understand the products.

The ninth rule of branding is; it’s the experience. Again, your company is usually not the only one selling the products or offering the services that it does. Often the only difference for customers is the experience they have working with your company. Pleasant phone conversations, offering assistance without being asked and caring about each and every customer no matter how much or how little they spend is what makes customers come back!

The tenth rule of branding is, embrace the idea of community. Creating a community website is a great way for your customers to let others know about your products or a great experience they had working with your company! Social media sites are perfect for allowing customers to chat but also allow you to have control over where the conversation goes.

The final rule of branding is, measure the results and enact change. With social media and new technology, it’s easier for companies to get insight into their customer’s behavior and buying patterns. Really study the information and look for ways to implement suggestions from your customers.

Using these rules of branding may seem difficult, but most of it has to do with believing in your company and products, being knowledgeable about what your company offers and caring about the customer!

Does your business follow these eleven rules of branding? Have you worked with companies who utilize these branding rules? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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