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Brand Recognition: Logos, Slogans & Sounds, Oh My!

July 25, 2012

As a society growing up with colored televisions, mobile phones and computers, we have become masters at recognizing company logos. Our brains are constantly picking up and storing different images whether we remember seeing them or not. The average American is exposed to approximately 245 advertisements each day. It’s because of this statistic that we can recognize the “golden arches” of McDonalds, the “swoosh” of Nike and the partially eaten logo of Apple.

Cramer and Sweeney offer a marketing quiz that uses three variables when testing the knowledge of brand recognition. The first is sight seeing company logos we recognize even the smallest details. It’s because of the constant advertising and visual repetitiveness that we can tell when a logo has been distorted, such as turned upside down or flipped backwards.

High-speed internet, 4G service and the ability to have any answer directly at our fingertips forces us to be a demanding society set on doing things as efficiently as possible. Cramer and Sweeney test their second variable; by having testers read a companies slogan. This is challenging because most people hear the slogan on television or the radio. Not many people physically read slogans on a day-to-day basis. Many people like things that are easy to remember, simple and slogans that flow well together. “Just Do It,” “I’m lovin’ It” and “Have It Your Way” are all slogans that we hear frequently. Not only are they short and do the point, but they flow well with the name of the company.

The third way Cramer and Sweeney test our knowledge of brand recognition is through the use of our hearing sense. They use different iconic sounds or words to see if we know what company or program they belong to. The ESPN theme song and “You’ve Got Mail” voice are just two of the few sounds they test you on.

It’s interesting to see how much information the brain really picks up on. When testing your Brand IQ you’d be surprised how much you may already know! Try the test and let us know how you scored! If you find any fun logos, or slogans feel free to post them on our Facebook or Twitter page, and let’s see how many people know what they stand for!

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