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Order Custom Printed Cosmetic Labels On Any Of Our Over 30 Laser Material At!

August 15, 2014

As the cosmetic industry continues to grow, so does the need for great labels. The cosmetic industry is no longer considered only makeup products but this broad industry also includes lotions, soaps, bath and hair care products.

If you’re looking for labels for any cosmetic products, we have a special section just for you! At we have a section specifically for cosmetic labels. Within this category there are subcategories for:

Each of these categories is an important part of labeling for the cosmetic industry. Inventory labels help stores keep track of what products they’re selling and help with the ordering process. Lip balm labels are used on all types of lip balms from eco friendly to non toxic. Soap labels can be used on hand soap bottles, body wash and boxes of bar soap. Finally, tester labels are important for retail stores looking to label products that consumers can try before purchasing!

At we have a large selection of Weatherproof label materials that can withstand water and are durable. We also have Premium Branded labels that showcase artwork beautifully. That’s not all, we also have two Metallized Paper label materials that are great for high-end product packaging while our Colored & Coated label materials consist of bright, vibrant Fluorescent labels, elegant Pastel labels and shiny, gloss labels. Finally we have our Uncoated Papers label materials that are great for unique label applications!

If you’re in the cosmetic industry and you’re in need of labels, check out our large selection of different shapes and sizes. If you can’t find the exact size you’re looking for, check out our all label sizes page.If you’re still not satisfied remember, we do custom sizes too!

Have you ever ordered cosmetic labels from Which material is your favorite and how do you use your labels? Share your photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages or share comments and feedback on our testimonials page.

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