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Big Business, Your Company And Social Media In 2013!

January 18, 2013

In the past nine years social media has changed the way people interact, how businesses hire potential employees and even the way businesses work in general. Between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter the possibilities of marketing and interacting through social media are endless.

In 2012 Facebook reached 1 billion users worldwide! Twitter gains on average 1 million new members each day! Utilizing social media has become normal for both small and large businesses.

Marketing promotions, coupons, likes and messaging have changed the way customers interact with businesses. But, those were all things that social media did in 2012. So what are the changes we could expect to see in 2013?

  • Social media goes company-wide
  • Email use declines as better communication channels open
  • Social media command centers become mainstream
  • Social media compliance becomes a priority
  • International and niche social networks present new challenges

Social media goes company-wide would be a change from where most companies now stand with social media. Many marketing teams use social media to distribute coupons and access customers. But, in 2013 more Human Resource departments, sales teams and even operations and distribution teams could be relying on social media!

Email use declines, as better communication channels open would also be a change from where companies now stand. Many people spend their days reading and replying to emails and then waiting for a response. But, with instant messaging or direct messaging groups like on Facebook, businesses can communicate in real time. Tasks get done faster, and questions are answered on the spot!

Social media command centers become mainstream means that companies will have a better way to analyze the data they collect through social media. This entails creating social media “mission control” rooms. Employees would utilize these rooms with many screens tracking everything social media has to offer companies such as “Likes” and Tweets.

With the growing use of social media networks many companies would need to be compliant. This means being compliant with regulations set forth by the head of each industry such as the food and healthcare industries. Many companies have already started doing this by cataloging their actions on social media sites for up to three years!

Finally, international and niche social networks present new challenges. During 2012 new social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest grew by over 5,000 percent. In 2013 we can expect to see more social media networks popping up and watch it happen more frequently. This leads businesses to make decisions based strictly on what is best for their company and which social media niche would better benefit their company as well!

During 2012 companies learned a lot about the world of social media. From Tweeting to #hash tags the amount of businesses that use social media has grown and will continue to grow into 2013!

Does your business use social media? Which sites can your business be found on? Share your answers on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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