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Benefits of Removable Gloss Labels

March 13, 2015

As you may have seen in the past couple of days, we have started offering two brand new label materials. We are always looking to add more products and materials so we can assist our customers with any and all of their labeling needs, so the addition of these new products is exciting for our team.

We have been offering removable labels and glossy materials for years. We carry a couple of different options for both and they are popular for all kinds of different applications. Now we have one that is both of these with these new removable white gloss labels we now carry.

Removable Label Benefits

There are some nice benefits to having a removable label. One of the benefits is that they can be used in places where it is necessary to change labels from time to time. A good example is retail shelves since they usually need to be changed frequently. Now it’s easier to have a shiny, glossy label to mark up your shelves with since they will provide a vibrant print.

Anytime that change is required on something that you use labels on, removable labels are very helpful. They also come in handy if you need to reposition a label. Sometimes mistakes happen and a label may be put in the wrong position, crooked, or even upside down. With removable labels this is not an issue at all, you just remove, and then reposition.

Since the adhesive is meant to come off, they are engineered so that they do not leave residue like a normal label would. This is another benefit that will come in handy when you have to re-label something, or just so you do not have to spend 10 minutes cleaning up leftover adhesive residue after removing a label.

Even though these labels are removable, they will also stick when you need them too. The adhesive is very durable which helps them stay in place when you want them to, but they can also be removed with little effort when the time comes.

Removable labels are also great for labeling things that require a label for a longer period of time, but may eventually need to be removed. This could be something like a college textbook. You want to have it labeled while it is in your possession and being used, but at some point you may decide to sell the book, which means you would want to remove the label.

Gloss Label Benefits

Since gloss labels have a nice shiny look to them, it helps give your printed labels a nice, high-quality print. When printing images and other high-res graphics, the gloss material will really stand out next to an uncoated label.

Gloss labels also have a nice, smooth feel when they are held in your hands. The nice smooth texture makes the label feel like a premium grade product. The texture combined with the print quality can help make any product jump off of the shelves. If you care about the visual appeal of your labeling then using a gloss material is one of the best ways to go.

If you are looking for a premium appearance at a bargain price then this label would be a perfect choice.  We offer free samples here at SheetLabels.com so you can try them out to make sure that they are exactly what you need for your labeling projects. If you want to request some samples of any of our materials that can be done right HERE.

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